Sunday, December 27, 2009

Belated Christmas

Better Get my Tuesday post in before I'm an entire week late! Christmas was fantastically relaxing, and I'm stuffed to the brim with gluten free cookies and Reuben dip thanks to my glorious mother.  Heading out for another interview tomorrow (when will these end?), and spent the night vegging and catching up on Glee. Love it.

1. When do you put up and take down your Christmas decorations?
I try to put them up after thanksgiving, but I usually wait til at least December. It takes me a while, because I must do a thorough cleaning before I decorate. Dust and tacky xmas junk is not a good combo for my psyche. I usually leave them up till after new years, but not till epiphany. I'm ready to declutter. I have on occasion left ONLY the snowflakes up until February though!

2. What do you do to simplify the holiday season?
Well lets see. This year I took boards right before Christmas, so I simplified by almost totally ignoring it. I bought presents for the little ones, and my mom...and that's it. sorry everyone!

3. What do you do to remind yourself and your family what the Christmas season is all about?
I think making it a priority to just spend the day with those you love is the best way to remember to always keep love in your heart.

4. How do you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
Christmas Eve is spent with my dad's sisters and assorted cousins. Christmas day is reserved for sitting around in my pjs and playing trivia with my family! And of course, a smorgasbord of appetizers is provided. yum.

5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
I love how my mom wraps toiletries up for us in our stockings. We actually don't stick to many steadfast traditions. I do love the pickle rolls on Christmas eve. those are mandatory :)

6. Did you do the whole Santa thing growing up? What do you like/not like about continuing the tradition?
We had Santa, but nothing overly elaborate. One year my Dad rang jingle bells outside. Most memorably, we would go downtown and see Santa, shop and eat fast food by a gigantic fountain. One year, nick absolutely freaked out and bolted off Santa's lap into the towel section of Daytons. HAHA. I had Santa all to myself :)

7. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
Hands down, my grandma's lemon sugar cookies. I would just lay on the couch with a tin of those babies! yum. no GF substitute however, tear. But I do love my mom's buckeyes, and this year we got wonderful gingerbread cookies from Bittersweet Bakery.

8. How do you take your egg nog?
I've never "taken" it. However, one year at midnight mass a sorry parishioner imbibed a bit too zealously on the creamy stuff and lost his nog in the pew, aisle and potted plant during silent night. Sick. Lost my desire to partake in that sticky sweet vomity traditional beverage. 

9. What is your favorite Christmas carol and why?
Hmmm. Hard one. Probably Do you hear what I hear, I can sing a mean harmony to that one.

10. When was the last time you had a white Christmas?
Well this Christmas was about 16 inches of whiteness! In MN this is usually not a problem.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm so sleepy. A quick post to wake my mind? Then back to the books.

25 foods you would never miss.

1. twinkies
2. Ho Hos
3. Hot dogs
4. Kraft mac and cheese
5. milk
6. walnuts
5. Hot pockets
6. frozen pizza
7. redi whip
8. sprinkles
9. egg mcmuffins
10. neopolitan ice cream
11. maraschino cherries
12. jelly donoughts
13. malt o meal
14. black licorice
15. candy corn
16. chow mein
17. regular pop
18. pimento loaf
19. bologna
20. toaster strudel
21. angel food cake
22. egg bakes
23. instant coffee
24. cafeteria turkey gravey
25. fish sticks

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

Back from the windy city, ready for tuesday!

1) If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
Well let's see. I think I'd add wings.

2) Is there a habit in others that you find annoying?
Being late. period. Super freaking rude.

3) What is your favorite recipe using ground beef?
gross. I haven't used ground beef....ever. However, i will submit for the sake of 10 on tuesday. My daycare mom made some fan-freaking-tastic mac and cheese hamburger casserole.

4) What was your favorite book as a kid?
A -la the Abster- Roald Dahl.  Matilda. I love this book. I checked it out from Shannon Park Elementary too many times though. I was actually banned by the check out lady from checking it out for a short while. I did however handcraft a bookmark with a fantastic drawing (by yours truly) of Matilda atop a pile of books stating-"Matilda reads, you should too". I did think of that, thanks. Oh yes. I won the 4th grade bookmark competition and that fabulous creation was printed for the entire school's bookmarking pleasure. Ahhh. to peak in 4th grade...

5) Did you work as a teenager. If so, where?
Teenager. Why yes I did. I was a marvelous secretary and impeccably honest "money counter" at Midwest Vending! Great job, complete with all the expired pop you can drink!

6) Did you work in college? If so, where?
I did. My freshman year I filed junk at the office of admissions. Then I got serious. HA! I made peptides. Then I inactivated cytochrome P450s with nicotine. I also graded signal transduction/gene expression homework. Huge nerd. whatever.

7) When you go to sleep do you need total darkness or semi? When you go to sleep do you need total quiet or is some noise okay?
I like total darkness and total quiet. When I was little I used to be kept up at night by a twitching noise. I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. I was convinced my eyelashes were the culprite, despite literally grabbing my eyelash to stabilize the sucker. Only after a nearly complete medical education to I realize it was my pulse. temporal arteries y'all.

8) When doing laundry, fabric softener or not?
Hello. Obv. who wants scratchy socks?

9) Open toed or close-toed shoes?
Right now, given the frigid temps and snow I'll opt for closed.

10) Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Whoa nelly. I do not know. Ultimately being the progeny of 2 music teacher's I think i'd rather be blind. A world without Chopin. No thanks.

11) Dangle or stud earring?
Traditionally I love diamond studs. Thanks to a diamond friendly ex boyfriend, I'm pretty set in that dept. However, when I want to feel like a glamazon, dangles are a necessity.

12) Bottled water or tap?
I always drink tap water. I do sometimes worry I will get lead poisoning. Wait a minute. No I am not a hypochondriac. I literally see chunks of metal in my glass....on occasion.

13) What do you put on your pancakes?
I like one with butter and syrup and one with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Don't stiff me. Give me two!

14) On a long trip would you drive or fly?
If I'm with my family driving is fun. Otherwise, flying! Just got off a plane 2 hours ago!

15) Do you prefer classic old movies or new?
New. Unless I'm sad or at leech lake-then give me some Judy Garland.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Double header

A double header! Why? Because these two recipes are so brainless I can successfully post them after having my butt kicked by bio-statistics this morning. The positive predictive value that you will like this post increases if the pre-test probability that you are lazy is high. Or something.

Recipe numero uno. Super fancy tomato soup. I created this concoction while studying for my neuro final. I wanted a savory snack, and this honestly couldn't be easier. Heat up a can of TJ fireroasted tomatoes (spicier than muir glen and cheaper, choose your own adventure). Then add a dab of garlic and a glug of balsamic. Pop back in the microwave or a sec and-voila-enjoy. I love chunky tomato soup. YUM. I do not miss Campbells tomato soup at all. It tastes like vomit. enough said.

Recipe numero dos. Easy snackage. I peeled and chopped a bag o carrots into fry shaped wedges, then sprayed with oil and baked at 400 ish (my oven is possessed) for around 30 min. They browned up a bit and taste delish-especially smothered in ketchup. I am the CONDIMENT queen! Also pictured on the cutest plate ever is a fuji apple and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Have you ever dipped your apple in this cheese? You haven't? Hop to it! Alright. Cardiology questions are calling my name, I will submit-begrudgingly.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Big interview today. I am thinking positive thoughts, you should too! Puhleaz! Heading out on the road again tomorrow. Man I am tiring out and I'm not even half way done! Keep calm and carry on. I have to recipes for you lovelies. But I'm tired, and I need to log some boards studying time today, so I'll have to leave you "in suspension".

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 on Tuesday! Blizzard edition.

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."

John Ruskin

Brrr. Please God be kind. I have my interview at MN tomorrow. I really do not want to crash or be snowed in! Yikes. Please, let's add to the anxiety. I did however join LA fitness. Holy buckets, nice gym. I finagled a deal, lower initiation fee and an even lower monthly payment than any actual plan offers. I was pretty proud of myself. Jon thought I caved too early. Oh well. I've done two treadmill workouts there while rocking away to my katy perry pandora station. Love the iphone. seriously, how did I exist without that thing.

There we go...

1. Cost aside, if you could go (back) to college for anything besides what you currently “do,” what would you study?

I'd be a band teacher. Yep for sure.

2. What do you do for a living? Do you love it/hate it?

I don't actually make a living. I sold my soul to government loans for the next 500 years. I'm in medical school. Mostly I love it. Unless you ask me at 2 am while you are either a)puking b)sneezing or c)bleeding on me. Then I'm not a fan. If you want to bleed on me at noon, ok, I don't have qualms with that. But 2 am. nope, girl needs her beauty rest.

3. What is your favorite Christmas ornament? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

I LOVE this strange and ugly princess inside a purple plastic diamond type egg, hung by a green pipe cleaner. My grandma McDougall let me pick an ornament and that's what I chose. My brother tries to hide it every year. I find it an put it front and center. It's hideous though Nick, I will give you that.

4. Name something you could literally do without for the rest of your life.

Being on call? I think this question aims for you to pick something that you surprisingly don't like that others do though.... hmmm. I could easily live without, football, the lottery, cardiology, and GLUTEN.

5. If you were going to have any kind of “cosmetic procedure,” what would it be?

Well, I'm going to defer this one till after I have children. I may or may not be totally willing to get anything floppy and saggy tightened up at that point. Don't judge me. unpurse those lips.

6. Do you have any “collections”? (comic books, shoes, etc.)

I collect biochemistry texts. No kidding. Let's see. I have a beach glass collection that's pretty out of this world. I "collect" tons of crap because i'm a packrat (thanks dad) with attachment issues. But I wouldn't classify them as collections per say. As in, my collection of 50 cheap a**target shoes is of no monetary or sentimental value. I do however, have a buttload of them.

7. At what age did you get your first cell phone?

I'm not sure actually. I sort of "claimed" a cell phone in about 11th grade. My parents had 2 and I had one for the most part. My parents got me a cell phone for my birthday my freshman year of college that was 100% mine. So I suppose I was 19 exactly.

8. What is currently in your purse (or pocket or backpack if you’re a guy)?

I will have to answer this by summarizing the wad of stuff that I switch from purse to purse -aka the essentials. Yeah, I switch purses faster than Tiger switches mistresses. I'm quite the fashionista! ha.

Tiger Picture

-wallet-which holds money, lip gloss, burt's bee's and free floating ibuprofen. I always have ibuprofen with me, but when someone asks to use some I always feel like a very sketchy drug dealer digging around in my purse for loose pills. I should probably invest in a dollar section travel sized jar. Oh well. life goes on.
-a bag of almonds, and or an apple depending on how big my bag lady purse will be that day
-crystal light! yes. you never know when you'll have to whip up a delicious fruit punch
- keys
-cell phone
-then depending on the purse you may find remnants of days past, concert tickets, cds, flyers, socks, pins, earrings, whatever. I'm not one to clean those babies out very often. I even have love letters from OLD boyfriends in a HS purse. I bet it will stay there forever!

9. Are you a neat-freak or a slob ? *this applies to house, office, car, etc.

Well, clearly I don't clean my purse or have much control over my shoe closet. I try to be clean. I'm sort of anal about my bathroom and kitchen. If I have a normal life, ie weekends and nights off I am very clean. When I am insanely busy my clothes get out of control and end up all over my apartment. I am not proud of this, but it's the way it is. My car is incredibly clean, as in, no visible junk. If you park in HCMC parking ramps overnight, you better not have anything out or your car windows are toast. Do not however, under any circumstances, look in my trunk. There is definitely firewood, a few plates, some boots, tons of books and windshield washer fluid back there.

10. What kind of parent do you think you will be? If you’re already a parent, what is your style?

I hope to be a good parent. I hope to bring my children up to be hard workers with love and music in their hearts. I think that's about all you need. Pretty vague. If I need more specifics I'll probably just call my mom and take notes.

Your turn - answer some, all, or none!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


SOS. I need help! I'm drowning in neurons... Q: What does a med student do when she is SO OVER studying? A: Make crap in the kitchen!

I get home and try to study seizures, but end up having some sort of spastic "spell" in the kitchen. My cortex says...hmmm I want pumpkin pie but I only have pumpkin and condensed milk. That wont work will it? My inner chemist starts thinking, well no eggs will make this task sort of difficult. The spazzing cells deep in my brain-where? not sure, my amygdala? quickly suppress logic. They decide : sure this will be fine. Mix a can of pumpkin, a big glug of condensed milk and some pumpkin pie spice in a Pyrex bowl. Obviously use Pyrex, you're studying, then you can just lid that baby up straight from the oven and save mucho time.

Sandra Lee

Did it work? Sure. I wouldn't send this recipe into the pioneer woman or anything. But if your thinking more like Sandy Lee quality eats, there you go. Just look at that tablescape...

Speaking of tablescapes. Check it. TJ flowers still going strong. 2 1/2 weeks!!!! And only $4.

Back to neurons. I'm at neuromuscular disorders. Once I finish I might try to demonstrate my very own neuromuscular disorder by attempting some p90X. Maybe. Or maybe I'll eat some pumpkin mush instead.

At least when this test is over I get some free time (to study for boards, major YIKES) But Saturday is the doomtree blowout. So at least I've got that going for me, which is nice...
this video does in fact have some bad words, so mom, be forewarned :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

Whoa. I missed a whole week. I think I was in a GF food coma. I didn't make anything, so I can't post in good conscience. I am still stuffing my beak with turkey every day. Holy smokes, smoked turkey was delish. Check out the chef's blog. She's a GF goddess herself!

Another video to help you pass the time?

The BLENDERS!!! It's December. Christmas music is absolutely allowed.

1. What was the last concert you’ve been to?

The vangobots. the last 14 concerts probably!

2. Is it easy to make you cry?
Yes. absolutely.

3. Do you ever feel like people underestimate you?
They do for sure. It's ok. It's part of my cover. Let them relax and think you're no threat, then sneak attack!

4. Name 7 completely random things that you like:
-diet coke
-furniture polish
-glade scented candles
-balsamic vinegar
-clean sheets
-Judy Garland

File:Meet Me In St Louis Poster.jpg

5. What’s your favorite reality TV show and why?
Whoa. This is an extremely defining question. I watch TONS of reality TV. Holy moley. I am going to have to go with gasp, Real Housewives. (OC or NYC...I can't even go there right now)

6. What is your favorite hair care product?
Aussie 3 minute miracle. I wish I was rich and could buy a ridiculously expensive hair straightener. That is my dream hair care care item?

7. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Syreeta Wright: harmour love. I'm pretty sure I want this song as my first dance at my wedding. Unless I've found a new song I'm lovin in 42 years...

8. What’s the number one thing on your Christmas wishlist?
hmmm. giftcards I think. I can't really say. Give me 5 minutes on ETSY and I could probably come up with something :)

9. Have you ever lost your cell phone?
I have. I sought solace in a bathroom of our county hospital one cold day last winter. It was the only time I could have a second to breathe on a busy day. So I check my hair, pull out my iphone and check my emailz, then set the phone down and take a potty break. I wash my hands and exit the restroom, back to the craziness of HCMC. Why yes, I did leave my phone in the bathroom! I noticed about 10 minutes later and RAN back to the lavatory. My phone was gone :( I called security and what do you know... Someone had turned it in :), and called my mom and jon from my phone. Good people are all around !!! I got my phone safe and sound, along with emails from mom and jon telling me to go pick up my phone and try not to be such a space cadet...

10. Did you attack the hordes of shoppers for Black Friday?
Did I attack the hordes of shoppers? No. I'm not a violent individual. I would never attack a single shopper let alone a horde of them. I did however go to Target and get some pajamas and apples. That might count.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

I know you want a tune while you read...

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an archeologist. I would check any book I could find from the library about ancient Egypt. We had this glossy King Tut picture book that I loved... I also remember learning exactly how to mummify at a very young age. You may ask: What could your father possibly be thinking as I told him all about taking brains out with hooks through the dead's noses and then packing them with bags of salt and sand? Obviously, he thought it was awesome...

2. Name 3 of your irrational fears.
-Spiders- so nasty
-Failing medical school-unlikely
-Doing too many things with my Right hand. Meaning. Oh my gosh. My right arm will be huge and my left bicep will waste away to nothingness. Gasp. I'll be lopsided!

3. If you had a $200 gift card to any store, what would you want it to be? (Nothing responsible allowed. Can’t be used for groceries or anything)
- 200 irresponsible dollars? Is Orbitz a store? Otherwise-Nordstroms-I'd buy perfume up the wazoo.

4. What is your most (blog-friendly) embarrassing moment?
- Well ok. Day one of Organic chemistry my professor told us that the grade you got in his course was the main predictor of whether or not you would be accepted into medical school. Clearly I freaked out and studied like a maniac the entire semester. Therefore, I got the top grade in the class and had to accept my Grand Prize (aka free textbook of my choice) on the last day of the semester, in front of the ENTIRE lecture hall. After the "ceremony" my professor asked me to write the tutor schedule up on the board. I was exempt from the final exam, as long as I ran a few tutoring sessions for my peers. Here is were I fall from grace... I proceed to write

Monday 5-7
Teusday 4-5
Wednesday 8-9

OMG. I just got the highest grade in O chem then spell TUESDAY wrong in front of 200 people. Wham. back to reality. dude. I was never good at spelling. ask my mom.

5. If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
wow. I originally wanted to write ketchup. But I think forever would require a bit more crunch. I'll pick apples.

6. What was your favorite toy growing up?
My brother? Ok. Probably my doll Rosie.

7. Do you have a “go to” outfit? What is it?
Not really. Probably dark jeans, a long tanktop and a slightly shorter shirt. Long tanktops under shirts are slimming, even on bad days!! woot.

8. Who was the best teacher you ever had?
Hmmm. Hard one. my dad taught my middle school jazz band. He was pretty good. However, he did demote me to 4 th trumpet on blue suede shoes. Why? I have no idea. ( oh yeah, I couldn't hit the high note!)

9. If you could buy any car right now (something at least SORT OF within the realm of reality…so, you know, a Rolls Royce may not qualify), what would it be?
I would keep the Camry. My dream car however is

stop drooling...this is a chick magnet

10. How do you reckon that Chelsea comes up with 10 of these questions every week? It was hard! What’s your theory on how she’s so creative? Are you going to help her?
I'm not sure. They sure are fun though. I good looped in because my cousin's play along... I probably could help. For example...what's your favorite thanksgiving sidedish? Or. post the last song you listened to on itunes!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Play me

Oh Keaton. You make me happy.I am so wasting time. I have neurology homework to do. I better get crackin. I am counting down the days till...

Geier Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family.

What is thanksgiving without a little drama right? Gluten free living aint so easy sometimes. I think as long as we...

We should be fine:)

Oh yes loves, and I'm planning on bringing these cookies for dessert! HAHA. Oh my goodness, petri dish sweets. The nerds have hit a new low...or high depending on the way you spin it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

101 Posts!

Oh my gosh! I completely missed my 100th post! Oh well, 100 more here we come! A bit more complications arising regarding thanksgiving. Sigh. Serenity now. NO big deal.

I bought myself this baby at target tonight! Yum. Check the back of the container-certified GLUTEN FREE! I WILL be getting my pumpkin pie fix after all :)

I'm also thinking of making this , depending on how crazy my call night goes. Yes, I AM on call Wednesday. I will try to remember to give mucho thanks and not be a grumpy monster. I hope to come home and whip up the bars, they look SO Delicious! I am certainly not deprived. Also...

Totally GF :) Countdown to thanksgiving is in full swing. Also counting down the days till I can blare Christmas tunes and decorate without shame!

Do you want another tune? Did you read this book? Here you go folks! An autumny diddy :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


"Alice came to the fork in the road.
“Which road do I take?” she asked.
“Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat.
“I don’t know,” Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter."

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

I've been interviewing. 3 down, lots to go. I am just keeping my suitcase packed! I don't know how people travel constantly for their jobs. I just could never do that. I did buy a diet coke and the new Klosterman book at the airport though. mmmm. Great flight home :)

This is supposed to be a recipe blog, but medicine is getting in the way. However, Thanksgiving is almost here folks!!!! I cannot wait :) I'm searching for a few good dessert recipes. I've found millions, my sweet tooth is throbbing for Thursday !

Monday, November 16, 2009

The future freaks me out

It was a successful day. I had the morning off and took advantage of the sunshine and went for a run. After clinic I stopped by target and picked up the essentials -cleaning products, cat products, cute t-shirts and candles :) I'm ready to set in on some homework, but thought I'd post quickly (aka procrastinate a bit longer). I head out for interview #3 on Thursday. It's stressing me a wee bit. I coped this evening by cranking the tunes and scrubbing my floors. Mmm. My cousin Abby posted all about many uses for plain old distilled vinegar. I scrub my wood floors with vinegar and water... On my hands and knees, just the way Grandma said to. Ahh-stress relief at it's finest.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy entertaining

I actually have this weekend totally off. Completely totally off. No rounding, no flying away for interviews. Just home ... ahhhh. I secretly love to turn into a 50s housewife on vacations. So that's what I did. Minus the early morning productiviy part. I lounged around, went for a run, then scooted my butt to the grocer. I was standing in the check out line thinking, can I get home, clean my apt (no small task) and make dinner by 8pm? Well folks, with this easy meal I almost made it. No worries though. My dinner guest...

has never really grasped this idea. So had had some wiggle room!

Immediately after cleaning, I made myself presentable and started on this recipe by the goddess herself-Karina. They taste FANTASTIC. Sunbutter is about $4 at TJs.

I didn't chill the dough before my first batch. Result: HUGE sunbutter blob! Oh no! My housewife status has been revoked. Oh well. They were delish. The second batch was popped in at the end of my cooking time, after a good chill in the fridge. They were much more aesthetically pleasing. Both batches are the same on the inside though, and that's what counts right :)

On to the main event.

I started by prepping the ingredients for my pasta dish. Jon chose this recipe (Karina double header) from a few options i provided him. I went with it, sort of... Directions have never been my strong suit. I found super cheapo shrimp at TJ's. So I used those instead. Holy buckets, I had to devein them though. My dad makes it seem effortless. Lets just say I poked myself with sharp shrimp parts far too often, and had visions of a Regions ED visit racing through my mind as my sub par pairing knife skills were put to the test.

Chop garlic (as much as you'd like-5 or so cloves)
toast pinenuts (amt uncertain, I had about a handful left in my freezer)
Devein shrimp
Slice grape tomatoes in half
Thaw out some artichoke hearts (also SUPER cheap at TJs)

Boil salted water and cook spaghetti: fyi gluten free spaghetti takes longer to cook than you anticipate. I used brown rice spaghetti. But I think I prefer quinoa, its less chewy in my humble opinion.


Saute garlic and herbs for a bit: I used basil, thyme, a smidge of tarragon and some rosemary
Add shrimp and cook till done
Remove shrimp and set aside
Add tomatoes halves and artichokes to the pan
Splash on some balsamic vinegar and stir occasionally
When the tomatoes seems slightly shriveled and the balsamic has thickened you are ready to go
You are supposed to add black olives. I had intended to add kalamatas, but forgot. oops!

pasta base, tomato/artichoke sauce, shrimpies, shaved Parmesan (yes please!!!)

You really should also eat some dang vegetables right? Here's an on the fly yet fantastic Autumn salad.

Spinach and arugula (I can't help but sound way too much like scooby doo every time I say that word)
Your favorite dressing, I used a mango champagne dressing I got from my aunt Linda that was hiding in my pantry. Champagne vin, EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic and honey would be great as well.
Topped with dried blueberries, cranberries and cherries, toasted pecans (toast these after the pinenuts, before your pan is dirty-saves water!)
Crumbled goat cheese (heaven on earth)

Honestly, so quick and easy. Give it a try! Yum. Buy yourself some flowers at TJ while you're at it! A girl has to treat herself :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Feeling lucky today? I'm an especially superstitious person, but for some reason Friday the 13th doesn't bother me one bit. Anyways, I'll honor the day with taking the chance to explain my ridiculous run in with unhinged individuals and less than reassuring St Paul Police men. I'm feeling better about things. I'm barricaded into my apartment and catching up an Grey's. I'm emotionally ready to relive the moment for your blog reading pleasure.

I went to Trader Joe's the other night, to pick up some deals. As I was carrying my groceries up, my doorbell starting ringing frantically and someone started violently shaking my front door. As an aside, my landlord is a dear man, but his decision making skills worry me slightly. For example, he is so concerned with maintaining the authenticity and "beauty" of our historic building, he allows-no insists-on allowing the original front door to rot away and frame to disintegrate. Super sturdy.

Anyways. I peek my head around the stairs to investigate...and make certain I had locked the door. There were three adults standing on my stoop. A man in his 40s, dressed in a white T shirt and shorts, brazenly presents a round sheriff badge to me. Screaming through the door, he informs me he's with the city police and must be let into the building to deliver papers. I look a bit closer...why...because at this point the encounter was more surprising and strange than terrifying. I immediately recognized that his "badge" was probably purchased at party city for $2.99.

So he flashes me the badge again and demands to be let in. I said "No". He starts shaking the door (eh hem-the dilapidated yet charmingly original door). I eye him up. His compatriots are standing behind him, dressed oh so officially in sweat pants. He repeats: I'm with the police, I demand you open this door. As he shakes the door violently again, I come a bit more to my senses. This man is unstable. I wouldn't say overtly dangerous, but that's only in retrospect. At the time he seems unreasonable and volatile. I informed him I was calling 911 and ran up to my apartment.

911 is not very impressive. It took me a good 5 min to get my phone call answered and all my identifying information provided. If this man was trying hard to get me...

he would have. Dead meat. Yikes. While on the phone I hear a series of doors opening and closing, and basically : I sh*t a brick. I'm totally thinking : good lord, these off kilter individuals are TOTALLY AFTER ME, and in my hallway! The 911 operator, after listening to my plight, replies. It's ok, don't worry, they called the police too. I'm like, what? She said, yep, they called to police to help them get in your building. They are waiting outside, don't worry, you're ok. So I hang up and call my landlord.

So anyway. The police come and talk to these guys for about 10 min. One of the three disappeared, not sure to where. But this badged man was very animated and dramatic in his story telling. Many exasperated moments, throwing his hands in the air, trying to convince the police to "break down the door". Obviously I'm totally spying through one slit of my blinds at this point... Anyways, the man seems to get really angry, storm off, come back, then leave again for good. My landlord pulls up and speaks with the police who come up to talk to me.

So I guess these people had some sort of custody papers to deliver, but they were unofficial. Hmm. Sort of like the unofficial cracker jack box police badge they were flashing about? The police were nice but essentially not super useful.

They told me I had done the right thing, and to call them again if I ever felt threatened. Sensing the oh so subtle "Suzanne is beyond totally freaked out right now" look on my face, the younger (cuter) police officer actually says: It's ok hun, you're safe, you have an attack cat.

HA! That's enough. Thanks for your help, get the bleep out of here.

NO flirting with me while my sympathetic nervous system is still quivering from one intense workout.

So there you have it. I "sweetly" demanded the front door be worked on. My landlord, in his defense, did come the next day to re-frame the door and PROMISES to re-inforce the lock. In landlord time, that will happen sometime in 2011. Unless I get pushy. And I may seem docile but I can get pushy :) I guess impersonating an officer is totally fine in St. Paul. So go ahead folks, do as you please!

I also saw this yesterday. SO good!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ups and downs

A lot has gone on bloggie friends since my last post. I will try to update you loyal and devoted readers over the next few days. Let's just say its involved tests, family feuds, interviews and 911 calls. yes. yikes. you betcha. stay tuned dude.

First, I will address something dear to my heart and my duodenum. I am not a doctor, remember that folks. But I'm probably better apt than your average bear to understand why I need to maintain a gluten free diet. I am compelled to post this because my mom recently wrote a truly heartfelt testimonial on what it's like to be a gluten free mom. I'm pretty self sufficient (shhhh. snickers in the peanut gallery), but I do still rely on being able to travel home to a comfortable, loving and GF environment. Her dedication to making my childhood home safe for me is beyond tangible value.

So whats the scoop? We've got the beginnings of a family feud going on. You know. families. They crumble over the important things. Sex, land, green bean casserole. I write this not be be overtly flippant about the scenario. My mom is the only human being I know that feels every emotion I feel. She doesn't let me wallow in the emotions, let me tell you, but I know she feels them. And I think we got our feelings hurt. Being gluten free makes you feel very alone at times. This is augmented by the fact that in America all holidays revolve around stuffing your face to the point of compete absurdity. Nothing like he holiday season to bring out the loving hearts of those that surround us. GAAAAA. I need my food. SO FREAKING OVERLY IMPORTANT. relax chilluns. goodness.

I waited a bit to make this post. I was mad at first. Hurt and angry. I've simmered. I think I've reached a new understanding of the dynamics of this particular situation. And you know what. Blogging about it helps me finalize my thoughts. So there. I'm more forward than meine mutter. But whatevs. I'd say it out loud.

I've decided my family just simply doesn't understand what Celiac disease is. I won't get over it. It's not a choice. And no, I can't have just smidgen of gluten. And no, that's not unreasonable. Do you know what an immune system is? I'm not being facetious. I'm honestly asking. Celiac disease is NOT an allergy. It is NOT a sensitivity. It is most like an autoimmune disease. My intestines are leaky, and gluten gets through. I was born that way brotha. jeeze. When my immune system sees gluten, it FREAKS out. It starts attacking my body. When I see gluten, my body decides to mow down my intestines. Yes. Even a microscopic amount of gluten is found by my every hunting immune system. As misguided as it may be, it launches into gear with a vengeance. When that pathway is activated my intestine goes from plush cushy yarny carpet to seriously disgusting burbur in a 70s lunchroom of your local middle school. I have no ability to absorb nutrients. My intestines do not function. I lose weight. I am malnourished. I break my hip. I may even get lymphoma. Listen people. Cancer and broken hips are not worth eating something risky. It's just not.

Yes. I can be picky. If you don't like it, that's fine. I believe you love me, you just really don't understand. It only takes a microscopic amount. Lets re-frame. If I offered to spray you in the face with only "a little bit" of smallpox, would you let me? Would you let me sprinkle a wee bit of H1N1 on your eggs for breakfast tomorrow? Do you want just a tiny bit of polio? Nope, probably not. why? you immune system knows. It finds it, and you will die. right? smallpox is no joke folks. Anyways. Sigh I'm done. My mom has gone to no end to make the kitchen safe for me. I love her more than I can express. And I'm safe to eat there. God is good :)

As much as people don't really get it, I must say I've been blessed to have some insanely awesome and understanding people in my life. For example. I made a new friend ( I know, I know). My teammate on peds invited me over for pumpkin carving before Halloween. He found out I was gluten free, among many other fun facts. We spent countless hours waiting for children to come through he ED at 2 am here.

Hotel Henne!

Glamorous. Anyways.

Pumpkin carving was a blast. When I arrived I was astonished to find my ped's partner and his wife had purchased skittles and strongbow cider for my refreshment pleasure! His wife even sent me home with family recipes for caramels and almond flour cookies-naturally gluten free. How gracious!

Next, in the land of amazing humans... My good friend Dan, grower of gardens and tamer of bees finagled this fantastic deal. Apparently at a gathering of his a woman brought in gluten free bread. Ever the curious creature of course he samples. Turns out her recipe was spot on. He proceeded to tell her all about me and asked for the recipe. Wouldn't you know at the next meeting she shows up with the recipe AND a gluten free bread machine and flour mixes for MOI! Are you kidding!?!?! I guess she is moving and also has a heart the size of Texas. Gotta love the kindness of strangers.

Jon made his apt gluten free for me as well. He bought a set of pans/utensils/plates and cutlery for me and stores them in a separate drawer. He's got the H1N1 in this pic. Do you want just a smidge sprayed in your face? no? ok loves. I'll let you be :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ok. Home from call late today, due to an impossible goose chase I was sent on about 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave. I did manage to speak to someone at all the major hospitals in the twin cities today though. So that was nice... Let's just say getting a doc to do a GI consult on a child is not as easy as it should be. Anyways, one nap later I was up and ready to prepare for tomorrow. Whats tomorrow you say?


I fly out for interview numero uno tomorrow. Yikes. Breathe deeply and often. Gosh, but not so often that I hyperventilate and have no CO2 to speak of. Ok, my mind is revving up to run wild. Lets tame myself with some ultra-unreality. aka Grey's. tootles.