Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Pick your jaw up off the floor. I, yes I, went scuba diving. Jon wanted to book a day trip for scuba the second we landed in the Galapagos. I adamantly protested. Heck no! I've never taken a course, yadayadaya, you need to be certified, I'll get the bends and there is no hospital here. Obviously I'll die.

He did his usual...look at me, say nothing, then just look away technique for about two days. Then finally he said-look you will be fine, lets check it out.

We checked out a travel agency near the water. We were pretty impressed with the staff, they all spoke excellent English and seemed very reliable...and stuff. We booked floreana through them, and decided to inquire about scuba. We were told if you were not certified you would be able to do a "Discovery" dive. The instructors would go down with you one on one to test equipment and acclimate you. Then you would go to another shallow-12 m-site for a tame dive. You would have an instructor with you at all times, and really what can happen at 12 m...

So we went... I had a heck of a time popping my left ear (only to develop an ear infection a few days later...) but all else went smoothly. Honestly, it's pretty scary at first. You have an extreme urge to hyperventilate. But once you calm down a bit and make your way under it's incredibly awesome.

We saw amazing things snorkeling, but nothing compares to seeing a shark or ray 10 feet from your eyes! 

Next up Tortuga Bay.

We actually went here twice...wouldn't you? The bay is about a 30 min hike in and once you are there there is about a half a mile strip of beach for the taking. There is a wavy section where you can swim or surf and there is also a calm bay where you can swim or kayak. It was beyond gorgeous.

Ahhh. I already miss it! We left Galapagos and headed to Guayaquil for a night en route to Milagro... el ciudad de las pinas. TBC...