Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter con Charlton Heston

The annual Suzanne showing of the 10 commandments. Easter is mostly about movies right? Movies and movie food.

Popcorn, apples and cheese. That's M&Ds version of a movie treat. The 10 commandments is an epic movie event. Now that I'm and adult, I actually get to see the red sea part, and the worshiping of idols. Scandalous. Good thing I'm 27, and can handle that filth on the big screen :)

We watched the 10 commandants every year. It's honestly my favorite part of Easter. Yep, I'm catholic. Yep, I went to Easter vigil with my Dad, washed old ladies' feet on Thursday, donned an Easter dress for Sunday, and rushed to find my basket Easter morning. But, the 10 commandments? Man, that was the best.

My dad would air pop popcorn, slice apples, roll up lunch meat and slice cheese. We would spread a table cloth out and, get this, EAT in the living room! Gasp! With the whole fam. That is my favorite part of Easter. No, it's not sacrilege. It just was so important to have that treasured time with my family. That meant more to me than anything else. Sorry Jesus.

I'm so thankful I got to spend this Easter Saturday with my family. Nick, Ellen and Joey made the trek to the hood to join us for a pre-Easter munchfest. I love all of you, thanks for eating my nasty ranch/nacho cheese deviled eggs! And, thank you Nick for breaking my kitchen sink, come on over any time :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Times, they are a changin.

Car probs. The beloved 95 camry broke down in the middle of NOWHERE Wi. One crying blond, 2 hours, and a greasy old mechanic later the problem was identified. One part is sucking oil into another part. This my friends is bad. I made it home, but that's about it. The "wheels" where set in motion, thanks to the family mechanic who treats me like a child (which may or may not be warranted). Whalah, Suzanne has a new set of wheels.

Woot. AND a car payment. Boo. I wish I thought cars where cool. Then, this would have been way more exciting. It does have a legit CD player, and get this, the windows roll down! High rolla! That's all I have to report. I made taco dip this weekend, because the thought of making something classy was just not going to happen. Beans, Sour cream, Salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and olives. Served with Tostitos. Delivered in my sweet new ride. Fancy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fermenation in the am.

Good thing i'm not on an MAOI. Fermentation is my friend. Here's how I've been gearing up to attack the inpt psych ward with ton's of tyramine!

Kale chips-lazy woman version. Hand shred kale and saute with some fake oil spray till crispy. Or until you're done with your makeup. These recipe instructions could never be published, sigh. Then fry an egg, plate and top with sauerkraut. Why yes. Sauerkraut is a totally appropriate breakfast food. Good at any time of the day. yummmm.

Running Song. BTW. ran outside yesterday, and about to go in 5 min. GLORIOUS. Complete with hugs from the neighbor kids :)