Sunday, January 22, 2012



A vacation to Paris! Every girl's dream come true! Josh booked me a direct flight from MPLS to Paris. Praise that man!  I sat by a very chatty British bloke on the plane, who recommended millions of things to do in Paris...most of which I forgot. Nonetheless, I arrived without a hitch at the Holiday Inn and was met at the door by Mr. Epic himself.


Josh's sabbatical was a dream come true. After working 5 years, non stop, every day, traveling like a madman, Epic grants it's employees an amazing opportunity. They are offered 1 month of travel with room and board paid! There are two stipulations: 1) you must pick a location you have never been before, and 2) you must stay at least 21 days.  Deal. Yes please!

Up to the top

Josh earned that sabbatical, let me tell you! And, being the great guy he is, he brought two guests. His mother and me:) Josh and Tracy had been galavanting around Greece for a week by the time I showed up to meet them in Paris. This trio took France by storm!

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

Delicious salads

OMG, best salad ever


Amazing food. I'm spoiled, and Josh ordered me wine and cheese every day. Wine and cheese, in Paris. Yes, I know. Le sigh. He also ran with me in Paris. This man is from another planet.

Da Vinci Code flashbacks



Champs Elysees



Tour de France!


Military Museum


Lady Marmalade
Moulin Rouge

break time

More relaxing

Always made the midnight light show!

Thank you Josh!

Most romantic city in the world! Off to Barcelona!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm trying

There are a lot of pictures...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

This is going to be a good year. I just know it. Why? 12 is my favorite number, so obviously, there are great things in store. And, No. I don't believe in Mayan predictions. Unless they are waging on baseball games, I'm good thanks.

 New Year eats.

Mmmm yes. Ham, cheesy potatoes and grilled romaine.

New years resolutions include working on personal health and fitness, with this guy.

He believes eating protein + fiber = perfect health.

I believe U + Me = Us I know my calculus

Thanks, snackface, for the blast from the past.

Anyways, I love that man, so I try to make him happy. Plus my mom loves me, and gives me large portions of meat prior to making her Exodus to Florida.

Just make cheesy potatoes. Seriously. Because, ham needs cheesy potatoes. And. your boyfriend will eat them even if he has sworn up and down the new year is only protein and fiber. If he doth protest, remind him how much protein cheese has...mmmhmmm. biochem major.

Simmer shallots, garlic, S&P. with 2 cups of cream for 4 min or so. Watch it. This is not the time to utilize your ADD skillz

Pour your fortified cream on your Cheesy potatoes (layered potato, white cheddar and parmesan). Recipe courtesy of the Neely's. Plus, the addition of nutmeg. My Mom has taught me nutmeg belongs in all creamy concoctions, and she is correct.

Ham is pretty easy. Unwrap, add some water, tent and bake for 20-24 min per pound. Your apartment will smell like you are a housewife...boom...just like that.

This is an amazing dinner. Prep and pop it in the oven. Then you have time to clean the kitchen...

And convince you manly man to hang up pictures!

yes and yes. Josh suggested staggering. I was apprehensive. But, like usual. he was right.

Also add grilled romaine, because its easy and crazy delicious. Put romaine halves in the foreman with EVOO spray and balsamic..till they are done. Then add grated Parmesan. Then inhale. Thanks Dad for this addition to my veggie repertoire. Love it.

Other recent events have included..Puzzle dates

boards and flowers from my man.

Christmas, new years, etc.

I will blog about my european vacation, soon. I'm pretty sure, I sort of promise.

Happy 2012!