Saturday, January 30, 2010

A moment to...

Wow! I have been totally MIA. I have an excuse though. I took another set of boards and went on..wait let me count...6 interviews since my last post. Then I started in the emergency room. Which. meh. no comment. I only have 3 shifts left though. woot woot. unfortch they are night time shifts, but oh well. That...may...decrease the number of primary care visits you see in the ED, so it might actually be a bit slower. I'll keep you posted! I figured I'd give my brain a rest by filling out Lisa and Abby's January recap. 

Current Books:
-I should be reading my emergency medicine packet. I, however, am not. senioritis? I am almost done with The Shack. It has interesting concepts, but very poorly written... enough on that.

Current Music:
-Well, I have been trying to increase my mileage on the "dreadmill", so I'm currently trying to find fantastic running songs. I'm currently LOVING empire state of mind.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
-Way to many hot fudge sundaes this month...oops. And goat cheese...but a girl has got to get some calcium, so its not all bad.

Current Colors:
-Colors huh. Well I'm wearing a lot of brown when I venture into the read world. Otherwise I wear pretty periwinkle blue scrubs daily, usually with pink socks. Do you think patients take you less seriously with pink socks on? never thought about that.

Current obsessions:
Truthfully I'm obsessed with graduating and matching. Lightheartedly I'm obsessed with sushi inspired salads. Mixed greens, edamame, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucs, green pepper and toasted nori. Wasabi, rice vin, tamari, sesame oil and mirin for the dressing. slurp, delish. See-free recipe-still a food blog.

Current Drink
I second Abby's love for citrus. Ice water with lemon-yumyumyum. I have not bought wine in along time but recently tried a cheapo sangoviese from TJs and its delish. Oh, and I've been guzzling la croix sparkling water too, must be all those salty salads :)

Current Song:
Well-repeat: Empire state of mind.

Current Movie:
I just watched 500 days of summer...ridiculously good.

Current TV Shows:
The crazy real housewives as always. I've also been watching the bachelor. I got hooked by this guy...

Because, seriously, he looks like Jon. Then I couldn't help but watch Gillian because she was just so spunky.

And everyone knows she made a huge mistake by sending Jake home. So you see, now they've got me in their web.

 Ahhh. The wings of love.

Current Needs:I need match day to be over. I need to know whats going to happen for the next 4-5  years of my life. AHHH. torture.

Current Triumph:
Hmm. Currently all my clean clothes are actually in drawers. Yes mom, it's true. Unless of course you open my closet...yikes.

Current Bane of my ExistenceParking. No med student love at the university. They make us park across the river, then do night shifts in the emergency room. smart. I will not walk 2 miles to my car at 1 am. Especially since apparently now you will get shot outside the hospital...

Current Goal
Well I'd like to graduate. I'd also like to run a half marathon before I start residency.

Current Indulgence:
Well besides ice cream sundaes that would make any diabetic shiver his timbers...I just bought 5 fancy cheese's and a bottle of red wine at trader joes. WILD weekend! In fact, the Emergency room doc I was with yesterday actually said to me, and I quote... " so do you and your cat, have like, a big date night planned?" nice...

Current Blessing:
Honestly, not having to make up all my shifts in the emergency room. I missed 3 for interviews. We are allowed 2 sick/personal days a rotation. I'm actually USING them. I have not, EVER, taken a day off before. It's time. good gravy.

Current Slang or Saying
Interesitng. I did type unfortch earlier. I guess I've started shortening words. I was with a 60 something year old neurologist who kept saying, "wow, that's terrif!" Maybe it rubbed off:)

Current Outfit:

Really... Ok you asked for it. The first day in oh, 12 I haven't worn scrubs. I really stepped it up. Red thermal shirt and grey cotton shorts. I look terrif.

Current Excitement

I'm trying to figure out how to get my MN butt to Ecuador. It's exciting. Let's see if it happens. Otherwise, I'm really excited Big Love is back on. Sigh. I have no life.

Current Mood:
I'm in a pretty good mood. I am sitting on my butt in my apt, with DAYS OFF ahead of me. I have not had a day in the last 11, feels nice.

Saturday, January 2, 2010