Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm so sleepy. A quick post to wake my mind? Then back to the books.

25 foods you would never miss.

1. twinkies
2. Ho Hos
3. Hot dogs
4. Kraft mac and cheese
5. milk
6. walnuts
5. Hot pockets
6. frozen pizza
7. redi whip
8. sprinkles
9. egg mcmuffins
10. neopolitan ice cream
11. maraschino cherries
12. jelly donoughts
13. malt o meal
14. black licorice
15. candy corn
16. chow mein
17. regular pop
18. pimento loaf
19. bologna
20. toaster strudel
21. angel food cake
22. egg bakes
23. instant coffee
24. cafeteria turkey gravey
25. fish sticks


B and B said...

Regular pop...does that mean not diet? That cat looks like George!

qwerkyqook said...

yeah, not diet. I cant think of the last time I had reg pop. Maybe reeds ginger ale... It does look like george, except his favorite treat these days is wrapping paper!