Thursday, October 28, 2010


I began psych at the VA this past week. Love it! Wake up, make some bfast, get to work and have someone tell me...'I'm pretty sure God arranged my marriage to X (a certain well endowed celeb)". hmm. How do you feel about that? "Well, it's good. I'm pretty sure she'll be a good mother" ... ok

I'm leaving neuro in the dust....pfft. as you may notice, I didn't really post about my neuro experience. No one wants to hear me complain about the ED calling me for a STAT neuro consult at 2 am for an "88 year old man with 2 weeks of left foot numbness...." um ok... neuro. meh, go away.

I do assume you want a's how to maintain composure through 3 hours of neuro rounding.... smelly feet, smelly feet. babinski sign is officially the worst test.

Easy peasy. Fry two eggs, season with S&P. Place in bottom of IKEA bowl of choice and top with sauteed veggies in a bit of herbs + balsamic or tamari, ginger, garlic and sesame.... Add extra protein, ie yogurt, to keep the tummy at bay while testing reflexes...or visual fields... or whatever

Anyway. On to pysch. I love it. Except the return of 24 hour call! AHHHHHH.... It will help me process this punishment if I can share my sweet call room digs with the internets.

Bed + Computer. This did not happen as a med student. Holla. The VA psych attendings pitched in to purchase an actual mattress, rather than your typical hospital mattress. We are pretty spoiled.

TV! What?! yessssss. Plus a weird leather chair to hold my junk.

con BaƱo Privado! Movin on up.

DVD collection.....

Personal stash, in case 30 Rock gets old.... It's gonna be ok...

Monday, October 11, 2010


Home call is done! I only got called in once yesterday. I still give it a big thumbs down, but I'm getting more used to it. In fact I took my pager on a run yesterday a la this great blogger.

Lisa finished the marathon yesterday and PR'd! Can't wait for the recap!

I'm relaxing today. I'm about to go for a run and head home to visit my mom. Thanks Columbus, I'm enjoying my day off.

Pop tunes for your Monday blues

Saturday, October 9, 2010

plug along

Finished the PRITE. Psychiatry Resident-In-Training Examination. We take it once a year and it predicts our ability to pass boards at the end of residency. I'm thinking I'm not ready...

Home call for neurology...Two Thumbs Down. Way down

And Monday off! Yipee

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm not doing so well with posting. Es tut mir leid. I did, however, find the connector thingy for my camera. So now I have no excuse. I made this salad over the weekend. Two thumbs up. I have another squash in the fridge, so I may just whip up another batch! If I do, i'll post a pic... Until then, check out this one.


Here's a song.

And the line up. Which of these dimes will I actually commit to and make in October? Bets anyone?

1) Butternut soup

2) Bars!

3) Soup before watching eat pray love?

4) With quinoa instead of orzo?

5) mmm Fall