Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy entertaining

I actually have this weekend totally off. Completely totally off. No rounding, no flying away for interviews. Just home ... ahhhh. I secretly love to turn into a 50s housewife on vacations. So that's what I did. Minus the early morning productiviy part. I lounged around, went for a run, then scooted my butt to the grocer. I was standing in the check out line thinking, can I get home, clean my apt (no small task) and make dinner by 8pm? Well folks, with this easy meal I almost made it. No worries though. My dinner guest...

has never really grasped this idea. So had had some wiggle room!

Immediately after cleaning, I made myself presentable and started on this recipe by the goddess herself-Karina. They taste FANTASTIC. Sunbutter is about $4 at TJs.

I didn't chill the dough before my first batch. Result: HUGE sunbutter blob! Oh no! My housewife status has been revoked. Oh well. They were delish. The second batch was popped in at the end of my cooking time, after a good chill in the fridge. They were much more aesthetically pleasing. Both batches are the same on the inside though, and that's what counts right :)

On to the main event.

I started by prepping the ingredients for my pasta dish. Jon chose this recipe (Karina double header) from a few options i provided him. I went with it, sort of... Directions have never been my strong suit. I found super cheapo shrimp at TJ's. So I used those instead. Holy buckets, I had to devein them though. My dad makes it seem effortless. Lets just say I poked myself with sharp shrimp parts far too often, and had visions of a Regions ED visit racing through my mind as my sub par pairing knife skills were put to the test.

Chop garlic (as much as you'd like-5 or so cloves)
toast pinenuts (amt uncertain, I had about a handful left in my freezer)
Devein shrimp
Slice grape tomatoes in half
Thaw out some artichoke hearts (also SUPER cheap at TJs)

Boil salted water and cook spaghetti: fyi gluten free spaghetti takes longer to cook than you anticipate. I used brown rice spaghetti. But I think I prefer quinoa, its less chewy in my humble opinion.


Saute garlic and herbs for a bit: I used basil, thyme, a smidge of tarragon and some rosemary
Add shrimp and cook till done
Remove shrimp and set aside
Add tomatoes halves and artichokes to the pan
Splash on some balsamic vinegar and stir occasionally
When the tomatoes seems slightly shriveled and the balsamic has thickened you are ready to go
You are supposed to add black olives. I had intended to add kalamatas, but forgot. oops!

pasta base, tomato/artichoke sauce, shrimpies, shaved Parmesan (yes please!!!)

You really should also eat some dang vegetables right? Here's an on the fly yet fantastic Autumn salad.

Spinach and arugula (I can't help but sound way too much like scooby doo every time I say that word)
Your favorite dressing, I used a mango champagne dressing I got from my aunt Linda that was hiding in my pantry. Champagne vin, EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic and honey would be great as well.
Topped with dried blueberries, cranberries and cherries, toasted pecans (toast these after the pinenuts, before your pan is dirty-saves water!)
Crumbled goat cheese (heaven on earth)

Honestly, so quick and easy. Give it a try! Yum. Buy yourself some flowers at TJ while you're at it! A girl has to treat herself :)


B and B said...

Nice pictures. You're dining room looks so cool!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Where do you find quinoa pasta? I have looked for it at multiple places and keep striking out!

I totally laughed out loud at the scooby do reference & then had to say arugula outloud & totally agree with you!

Looks delish! Might need to work this into my Sunday night supper rotation.

Oh, and I wish I was more adventurous & made more changes to recipes. I am a total chicken when it comes to things like that!