Sunday, April 22, 2012

Barcelona. Maybe I should blog again

Ok. We left off Oops. Lets continue to recap my amazing vacation (just planning another one with my main man). Then I'll get back to posting about gluten free cooking. Or just post pretty pictures. whatev.

Ok. Tracy took off back to MN and Josh and I headed to Barcelona. We almost missed our flight because somebody (ok, it was me) ordered creme brulee before leaving. Ooops. We ran like maniacs through the airport, but made it. Thank God. I never would have lived that down.

We got there. And started having fun.

Beach front!

 Barcelona had a bustling city center, with upscale shops, tapas restaurants and bright lights

Of course, there is an obligatory trip to the aquarium. Little did Josh know, I share his unyeilding love for all things aquatic. Met Flotsam or maybe Jetsam.

Josh had carried a 40 lb backback with all our junk through Paris. Now it was my turn. Oy my aching shoulder.

Holy lord. Paella. yum and yum. In Spain. Best thing ever.

 Markets. I insisted. It was worth it. Fruit!!

 Crazy seafood spread. All for sale. Sigh, no way to experiment with this selection

Spice heaven. Paella spices purchased for my mother. Which she has experimented with in my kitchen. As planned :)

Olive bar of the Gods

We trekked out to Sangrada Familia. Only to be interrupted by the most epic downpour ever. We ran into a souvenir shop and frantically helped the old owner save his post cards. He said he had never seen anything of the sort his entire life. Impresivo.

Look. Sunny skies. Off to tour the cathedral. Perpetually under construction it seems.

Inside was the perfect blend of classy and Gaudi....So much history :)

Organs and stained glass. I might die of happiness

There was also a fair amount of beach bumming. And running. Yes, that makes 3 countries Josh has endured jogging in. He is a keeper. I read gossipy novels, we drank OJ and rum, and tanned our butts off. It really is paradise.

Beach front dinner. Happy campers.

I'll leave you with paella. Sadly. We had to return to the land of lutefisk at some point...