Sunday, March 27, 2011

Variations on a theme.

And the Satay saga continues. Satay away you say? This is my final post, I promise. The satay sauce is officially gone. RIP. I'll make it again for sure, this one is a keeper. Extreme laziness prevailed this weekend. So, I just kept making chicken, doused in satay sauce.

Today's variation included chicken marinated in San-J spicy peanut sauce, quickly pan fried. I'm not sure if the variety here even qualifies for a "variation". More like a weekend chicken ostinato. Anyways. I put a combo of red rice, and mystery rice into the rice cooker. It really was mystery rice, discovered in a small ziploc...hmmm. It wasn't jasmine, not arborio, not basmati, not sushi, not brown, wild, red or black....pretty impressive rice knowledge huh. Anyways, 1/2 cup and 1 cup of water. Plus garlic, hot curry, EVOO, ginger and salt. Cook away. I had to add another 1/2 of water and cook an additional cycle. Weird mystery rice, even fooling my rice cooker. It was good. Try it. It's also ridiculously easy. My specialty. Off to watch housewives and prepare for another EPIC week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Satay into Saturday

I needed quick dinners this week. Satay and sweet potatoes to the rescue. It has been a busy, busy week. I'm pretty sure I have a death germ populating my bronchioles AND, our hospital took the much anticipated plunge and switched EMRs to Epic. Change is more annoying than actually hard. I've used Epic at other hospitals, so there were a only few minor bugs to get used. It does slow the entire day down, especially when it takes me 45 minutes to order ECT. That seems overly complex, don't cha think? Anyways, I like Epic. It autocorrects my notes. I'm sold. Dinner still needed to be simple.

Satay sauce was whipped up using my immersion blended. Thanks Mom! PB, lime, chili paste, tamari, honey and hot water. Blended to perfection. I made too much, I guess that means we are taking this satay into the weekend.

I used Bobby Flay's satay and chicken recipe. Marinated the chicken in yogurt, ginger, garlic and hot curry and got my sweat on at the gym. I now know what if feels like to have asthma. Hacking away on the treadmill, no concern for others. That's how I roll. I covered my mouth. Endorphins feel way better than nyquil anyways. Home, preheat oven. Spice up some sweet potatoes to bake (chili power, cumin, coriander, curry and cinnamon). Shower, sautee chicken and plate it up. The whole meal comes together in about 20 min! Woot. Go me.

Day 2. Satay on the brain. I decided to wing it for the marinade. I opened the fridge and found some promising suspects. Pre-workout marination. Pineapple papaya juice, tamari, garlic and lime juice.  A little more LA fitness germ bombing and shower. Ready to cook. This time I microwaved 2 small sweet potatoes, then pan fried them with Garam masala and chili powder. Pan fry chicken and plate it up. 

A little satay remains, but my chicken stash has been depleted. Operation, clean out my freezer still underway. Satay and salmon patties? I'll keep thinking...

New booty shakin workout song

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring ahead salad

I'm pretty much a genius. But you already knew that. This salad proves it. Oh stop, you're too kind.

I make omelets for breakfast. Girls gotta keep the tummy at bay while people go on and on and on in rounds. I mean, while I save lives. Anyways. In goes the egg, then spinach, then balsamic. When my protein/fiber pocket of breakfast delight is done, my pan has a glorious balsamic reduction left behind. Or, at least, a poor mans version. Well, genius strikes at 7 am. Hmm, balsamic reduction is delicious and oh so fancy. Why don't I just add a salad serving to the leftovers and mix 'er up? Don't mind if I do. Holy yum. It's good. Add in salad toppers that make you feel like spring is coming, and everything's gonna be alright, let's everybody get along tonight... strawberries, oranges, red onion. Go wild.

Old skool

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Did you know I am now doing ONLY psychiatry...foreva?! The choirs of angels are singing, or Glee is on tonight, one of the two. I finished up my neurology rotation with a 4 days of vacation. Glorious vacation.

Finished neuro, chucked that reflex hammer into my apt,  and drove to WI. Ate some sushi to celebrate being done. Unpictured, but fabulous.  I also made some barbecued chicken and Brussels sprouts (yeah, there is an unexpected S at the end of that, weird) Ugly, but tasty. Stay tuned, things get prettier.

Recipe is Giadia's, adapted by moi. I love her and her gigantic skull. Is it just me, or is she the perfect celebrity bobble head? Anyways, simmered chicken breasts in the BBQ sauce while I showered and beautified. I also roasted some Brusselsssss sprouts with balsamic and olive oil till tender...25 min? Flip em halfway. It would make more sense if the sprouts belonged to Brussels, Brussels' Sprouts? They don't, they are Roman Whatev.

Off to Chi-town to continue my celebration. My life is sweet.


Beans and sushi. As much sushi as my heart desires :) Yum.

Finished up the vacation with with a salad. Trying to be healthy. I should probably give up almonds for lent. Almonds and Nutella. You heard it here folks.  Anyways, this is a semi Ni├žoise salad. Sandra Lee quality authenticity, can you deal? Red leaf lettuce base, dressed with EVOO, red wine and balsamic vin, Dijon, sugar, S&P. Hard boiled eggs, fresh green beans, artichokes, roasted red pepper, Havarti, olives, roasted red potatoes, and capers. Aren't you impressed with my sweet plating. Yeah, I thought so. Check ya later, better focus on Glee.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Socca to me

Socca. I've been wanting to make this for some time. Mine is a work in progress. 

Equal parts water and besan, aka chickpea flour.  I added pizza type seasonings plus salt and pepper. Let this sit for a while, up to 12 hours. Mine sat for about 2. It froths a bit and smells yeasty, is that a word? Hmmm, this will be interesting. I warmed two round springform cake pans in the oven. After my "dough" soaked, I poured it into the cake pans. It's quite runny, fyi. Then baked for about 25 min at 400 degrees. It was...ok. I used it to sop up the leftover lentils.

The manfriend got his socca in the form of pizza. Sauce of blue cheese dressing, ranch and hot sauce. Shredded chicken and shredded gruyere made this a buffalo pizza,  or something. The crust was too rubbery. I think I would bake it longer next time, and flip half way through. I'll keep you posted.

Then, I got my butt kicked in scrabble during the Oscars.  Someone insisted on documenting this in picture form. Not me.

1 more day of neurology. Then onto vacation. Neuro has actually been pretty great this time around. But, I must admit, I'm excited for a life of psychiatry :)