Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sushi: the love of my life

Valentine's day dinner. We decided to totally avoid the restaurant scene and opted for sushi at home.  I could eat sushi daily. It's the love of my life, and therefore fitting for Vday. YUM. A trip to Coastal Seafoods is all that stands between you and a delicious dinner.  Look at all that fish, for about $30. This gave me 5, count em, 5 meals. Tuna, Salmon, Striped Sea Bass and Marlin (which was gratis-love that place). And that was only half of the fish! The other half was waiting in the fridge, use TBD.

Prep: Make sushi rice. Use your rice cooker. Seriously. Let it do it's business while you prep. Put rice in a bowl and splash seasoned rice vinegar and stir. Taste test. It should have a nice vinegary taste, but not too wet.  Hydrate wasabi powder 1:1 ratio powder to water. Chop cucumber, carrot, avocado and cream cheese into long strips. Make spicy mayo by adding Siracha to mayo, hard, I know. Microwave edamame. Set out your GF tamari and ginger. Ready? Go.

Action shot. I use a bowl of water to keep my fingers slippery for the rice patting. You could use saran wrap or something too. Water is cheaper. Just sayin.

Spicy shrimp roll. Spicy mayo, chopped up cooked shrimp, cucumber...yum.

Phili-ish roll. We had smoked salmon too, but decided to use fresh. And subbed the cucumber for avocado. Can't tell you why, but it was delish.

Sushi for breakfast the next day? AND diet coke? Yes please.


Anonymous said...

The sushi was EXTREMELY tasty!

B and B said...

Can't beat Coastal Seafood! This looks so delicious. I would like to do this with you when we get home. And Anonymous, too.

Dear anonymous,
Glad you enjoyed the meal! :)

Marlys said...

I have not developed a love of sushi yet, but I must admit that yours looked so good! I have to keep trying! You are fortunate to have a fresh seafood store so close to you! My seafood is mostly bought on the Schwan truck that goes through town every two weeks! Sad, huh?

qwerkyqook said...

I'll make sushi anytime! Tomorrow? Marlys, you should make a spicy shrimp roll! Or a California roll! Try it :)