Monday, February 7, 2011

San Fran

My vacation continued to fabulous San Fran. Warm, sunny, full of pop culture. Love it.

After bidding adieu to Napa, and swearing up and down to return...tomorrow? Anyone want to join me? We headed out in the sweet jeep rental car to San Fran.

Checked into a swanky downtown hotel, enjoyed one of our Napa acquisitions and headed out for the night.

The next day involved a quick workout, gotta work on your fitness, even on vaca!

Then off to sight see!

Obviously, the bridge. Gave me flashbacks of physics. AHHH. But still beautiful, and sunny, and warm.

Alcatraz, from a distance.  I have gotten a speeding ticket. I hope that's the "closest" I ever get to a place like that! It would be fun to return and tour the facility though! Check out those sailboats! My Dad would love it!

Full house hot spots.  The full house "house" was not actually the house it was filmed in. How Rude! Don't worry, I saw both.

The Castro. Historic, vibrant and alive. A must see. Milk is also a must see. Hop to it. You also haaave stop for a martini, I had a Cosmo. delightful...

Fisherman's wharf, minus the sea lions. I've heard they moved from pier 39, must be true.

Finished with some extremely delicious sushi. I might be spoiled. Just maybe! I'm at least one happy chica. ahhhh. CA. I'll be back. For now, back to gossip girl. xoxo


B and B said...

AMAZING pictures!

I am happy for you, my dear.

I would love to go to CA. Al was just there last week for business. He said he has never liked the city, but this time was able to get to Fisherman's Wharf. He texted me from a restaurant there Saturday night. He was loving it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like an awesome vacation. Yum, that sushi looks SO GOOD. I am glad you had such a great vacation - you more than earned that get away!

And as a Full House obsessed person (well, in my younger years), I love the 'how rude' reference. ;)

Marlys said...

I'm not a sushi person, but that plate looked wonderful! You were lucky to be there when it was so warm! I hope to get to CA someday! Your pictures make me want to go there even more!