Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day

The end of the Sushi feast! Leftover salmon and tuna, lightly seared, in a sushi bowl. Leftover rice, carrots, shelled edamame, cucumber, shredded nori, extra sushi vinegar and tamari. Super easy. Yum.

Plus some scrabble.

Thank God for Washington. It is miraculously a VA holiday today. Thank God. My car is buried in the garage behind 17 inches of snow. MN is ridiculous. Why do we live here? I'm watching netflix in my pj's. The last two shows I've watched have used clair de lune for the dramatic scenes. I'm Debussy'd out, time to switch to Bravo. Anyways, lazy TV time is one way to have a good day. Here's another...

And getting yourself to the gym always helps. ehhem Dad! Are you reading? Triathlon training!!

 A little Bieber fever-glee style- for a snowy day? Bieberlicious

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! Your snow day meal kick my snow day meal's butt. I had microwave GF mac & cheese. Which was comfort food, but not as good as that sushi salad. Yum.

Good luck digging out your car!! That sucks! Luckily mine was parked in my underground garage while i was gone so at least when I landed, I didn't have to deal w/ digging out a car.

And I have to say - after being awake for 30+ hours, I do not know how you do that as a doctor - and function/make decisions/don't cry in front of patients. Seriously.

We need to make a Ecopolitan date soon!!