Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ouch: October

It's cold. And Rainy. And October...

I love the rain. I really do. But this is cold-chill you to the bone rain. No thanks.

Cold weather does horrible things to my body.

Pffft. Circulation is over-rated anyways. Only sissy's need to perfuse their extremities. Warning: If this fantastical Raynaud's phenomenon happens to you - do not take a hot shower until blood is pumping on its own. Holy ow!!!! Sting city Arizona.

It seems like fall has made himself official. Brrr. I was a regular Bob Villa this week though. I SINGLE HANDEDLY turned on the radiator heat for my entire building!! Ok, maybe not quite Bob Villa-but I did operate momentarily on a semi functional human level. That is not always possible for me fyi. Normal life things, wow.

Anyways. I'm pre-call tonight. AGAIN! I know. Sleep overs at Hotel Henne are going to get REAL old. I'm going to practice mild-mind calming techniques. Such as: finding pretty quotes online and watching trashy reality tv. I spend the day in the nursery tomorrow, then admit whatever all night long. I'm not actually sure what I will end up doing Saturday. Either nursery exams or PICU. Lets hope its nursery!! That's actually kind of fun. Newborns are SO tiny, they don't cry very loud, and they don't smell! It's been really fun to round in the am. I go get the baby from mom, talk to her for a bit to see how things are going, take the baby to the nursery for an exam and then bring the baby back. Baby back, baby back... I want my baby back, baby back... Hennepin nursery rounds! I'm done.

Anyways, I'll examine hips and test suck reflexes all day, deal with what comes my way overnight (and honest to God bring thigh high socks and a humungo sweater for my Antarctica call room) then have the rest of the weekend off! I'm thinking channeling Marilyn will be in order Sat night. And by channeling Marylin I mean, I'm blond and might wear red lip gloss bowling !!! woot. Live it up:)


B and B said...

Where do you find some of this stuff? Like the Marilyn Monroe letter? It really is quite entertaining!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh you make me laugh, Suzanne.

I have circulation issues, too. Sometimes i wonder if any blood goes into my fingers/toes.

That MM letter is awesome!!

Good luck w/ your long night tonight. Yuck. I feel rather spoiled w/ my whole 2 weeks off! :)

Abby and Ryan said...

My fingers do the same thing when I get cold!!! Ahh! I didn't think it was actually Raynaud's Phenomenon, b/c I have this assumption in my head that "I am pure wellness, and will never be diagnosed with anything"

It does hurt! I don't get it as much now that I love in AZ at least?--but we get this "bone-chilled 50-degree days in Janaury" fingers are sure to turn white. :(

qwerkyqook said...

I find quotes on the internets mom. mostly on ffffound. I link them, I'm honest. Don't feel sorry for me Lisa, I feel sorry enough for myself:) And abby, i'm SO jealous of your weather right now, I can't even comment.