Tuesday, September 29, 2009


whoa. Peds began with a bang. I was on call my first night, which always seems to happen to me. It really wasn't that bad. I admitted two patients overnight, 4 hour old baby and an 11 year old sweetheart. Peds residents like to wear cute tops with scrub pants on call-which I love :) They also have their own lingo: it seems words like adolescent, child and infant are far too formal. Instead, one should throw about scientific terminology such as kiddo and munchkin. Kids are afraid of white coats (so are psych patients) so that disease ridden thing can stay in the apt.

I must say however, the call rooms at HCMC are beyond frigid. Holy buckets. Worst 3 hours sleep of my life! I managed to get by changing only 4 diapers today. However, I did have actively peeing and pooping babies, kiddos...whatever -> INFANTS. ps Meconium = sticky nastiness.

I know you are DYING to find out how my weekend off went! It started off with the NAMI walk on Saturday. The turn out was amazing! I even got Jon to come along. We walked 3 miles in the gorgeous fall sun to support mental health awareness.

Saturday night, we decided to meet up with the Rondinator and crew for a little Oktoberfest aktion! Grusser Gott! Zu viel beir auf dem boden! We went to Gastof zur Gemutlichkeit. It was a sticky, smelly, crowded hot mess. And not in a fantabulous Christian sort of way. Pass.


I miss my ladies. I hope to see them this weekend sometime, but who knows.

I'm just going to continue with the usual recipe for rotations. I hope to get back to some cooking.

I WON'T be attempting this... Singaporean wedding soup! yikes. There is however, a fly in my apt at the present moment. I'm letting him be, George seem eager to practice his hunting. I'll let him humiliate himself a bit longer. Lisa is cooking. Check it out! 2 fantastic Quinoa recipes in a row, she's officially a gluten free diva.

Ok. Enough. I need to feed my post call coma with The City on MTV. Shh. I don't care what you think.


B and B said...

I believe the Gastof is the noisiest restaurant I have ever endured and can only imagine what it was like for Oktoberfest. Enjoy the cherubs. Trying to get my NYC post done later today. Talk to you soon?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yah, meconium is disgusting. I 'got' to see it when I visited James in the hospital when he was born. I just thought - how can something so gross come out of something so cute?

Your comment yesterday about your FLW/D.A.R.E. shirts cracked me up. Oh we are 2 peas in a pod!

I'm officially addicted to quinoa. and I am getting my family on board w/ it, too. They were skeptical at first, but have embraced it! I don't know how you couldn't like the stuff, though!

Anonymous said...

I'm ALSO a pre-med student... so I double like your blog :)