Monday, October 12, 2009

Old man winter? How rude, you weren't invited.

It's snowing in MN. Real snow. Like lots. It's October 12. This is a cold state, and we do have our famous...

Halloween Blizzard.

But brrr. Don't let the snow get you down! I was given a gigantic bag of farm fresh veggies from my good friend Dan. I took some pictures, so hopefully I'll post my veggie ventures soon. But i'll say this. Squash is roasting away in my oven. yum yum de yum. So don't let the snow turn you into a gloomy kerploppus . Fire up your oven and roast away!

If that doesn't work, look at these pretty pictures :)

carpe diem! And don't forget your mittens.


B and B said...

Oh, Mercer Mayer. Thanks for the hours of delight you provided our children!

Do you remember Nick in his ghost costume on the night of that Halloween blizzard or were you too young? He became invisible!!

qwerkyqook said...

I do remember. I mostly remember you being incredibly irritated that the only year you handmade a costume it totally backfired. Maybe your fear of sewing is more of a PTSD crafting sort of thing. I miss trick or treating at the simser's!