Thursday, October 29, 2009

zzzZZ brain zombie

Why am I awake at 12:30? Shouldn't I be getting my beauty rest for a big day of newborn exams tomorrow. Yes. that would be responsible. Unfortunately, dang netflix keeps popping up in my mailbox. I'm halfway through season one of in treatment. I feel compelled to finish disks so I can get a new delivery by Saturday. No mail on Sunday is such a waste of TV brain zombie potential!

Anyways. Whats up guys? Do you have a Halloween costume yet? I'm on call Halloween am. I hope no goofballs doing ridiculous things and end up in the PICU this weekend, but you never know.

I have two more call nights left this rotation. woot. I'm getting a wee bit tired of that dog and pony show. Call may or may not go as follows: Admit patient and make up a plan. Tell your res your plan. They tell you you're wrong and you should really do x. Tell the attending the plan is x. Then have the attending FREAK out and tell you that would kill people. OMG. My original plan, created by my feeble brain cells at 2 am, was in fact correct. Whatever. At least I don't have kids. But if I did holy moly. I'd probably fly them to Europe if they got sick. (I might be crabby)

I have some new recipes to post. Not now. I'm sleepy. I was also visited by a gluten free bread fairy. I kid you not. Full recap of that serendipitous event to come. Are you feeling cheated? I'll leave you with some loverly pics.

Mmmmhmmm. Feeling sassy.

When all else fails. Keep this one in your back pocket.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That last one is THE BEST. Perhaps I should mail that to the Dog Whisperer. Ha.

Yuck, this rotation does not sound fun. Yea for almost being done.

Get some sleep, lady!

Marlys said...

Med school sounds so grueling - I always wondered how the students handled it! Making life & death decisions on severe lack of sleep has to be frightening! I'm sure you are doing exceptional, though! Hang in there - time is going so fast! Well, at least it is for me! Your posts are a hoot!
Auntie Marlys!