Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Slowdown!

Ahhh. Ready for another week on the psych ward!!!! Sunday is my day of errands and chores. I love going to sleep Sunday night with clean laundry, fresh sheets and a vacuumed apartment! What better way to wind down than relax in my spic and span apartment with a Sunday night treat! Prosecco and Sparkling Pomegranate juice will be bubbling my nose as I hunker down for an epidsode of Chopped on Food Network!

I will be savoring some mango Italian ice and admiring my Santa Chiara souvenir my parents picked up for me in Italia! Now, Italian ice can't compare to this pic from M&Ds trip... but I'll close my eyes and pretend:)

And check out this baby! A huge diamond wine cork from Patina! A girl has gotta treat herself now and again! Have a happy week everyone. My fridge is now stocked, so I'm hoping to get some recipes up this week!!!


BandB said...

You are my child in so many ways!
Hope your week goes well.
Love you!

qwerkyqook said...

ahhh. see the lovely elephant glass? George managed to jump off the table and shatter it into a million elephant pieces. sigh. the joy of his companionship never ceases to amaze me.

BandB said...

He means well. Hopefully, it wasn't full of pomegranate juice when it fell. At least it wasn't your "diamond" wine stopper that broke!

Lisa D said...

I love the diamond wine stopper! Def a must have! Patina is such a fabulous store. It's my go-to place when I need a gift for someone!