Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Banana Brunch

Yum. Banana bread. As promised, I baked last night. Wow, is that ever therapeutic. Baking and vacuuming do wonders for my mood! Gosh, how very 1952 of me! I guess right now I'm ...

I guess vs this.

Anyways. Of course. The recipe is Karina's. I've never tried banana bread before, but honestly if you are baking GF, mushy fruit in the recipe is a GREAT omen. It always turns out delicious!

Here's the recipe! I used 4 very ripe bananas and Cornstarch instead of arrowroot starch. I also did one loaf with chocolate chips and one without! You know, for the need a control!

The flour mix, from La la la Linda!

Banana "puree", Or mashed adequately with a fork.

Before! L: No choc chips, but topped generously with coconut, nutmeg and cinnamon. Did you know I had a patient who snorts nutmeg? yep. Whatever floats your boat! And R: hidden beneath the surface you'll find a precisely measured handful of chocolate chips.

Clean up time! Bread baking gives you time to wash dishes AND shower!

And they're out! Cooling away, and smelling fantastic. The coconut browned a little more than I'd like. Maybe next time I'll try it inside the loaf. I then covered them in foil and hit the sack!

This morning I woke up, made my usual breakfast and sat down to study. I was scheduled in the Behavior Emergency Center today, so I had a late shift. It was so nice to enjoy the morning sun. Do you spy George napping on the couch?

Ahhh, a perfect mid morning snack! Banana brunch bliss!


Lisa D said...

Mmmmm! That looks so good. I haven't tried baking anything GF yet. But I intend to once school is done! That banana bread looks fantastic. My mom would love the coconut one - she's a coconut freak!

Your apt looks so cozzy! And I love that coffee mug. I have the boringest coffee mugs!

Snorting nutmeg... huh. Very interesting. Never a dull moment in this rotation, I bet! I'm sure you'll have some stories for our next get together!

BandB said...

Pretty flowers! I am motivated to try Karina's stuffed portobellos. My version won't have raisins. The grill is back in its summer location. Hope your day goes well.

Damjana said...

Looks yummy! I believe it was as tasty as well