Friday, April 24, 2009

Scrumptious Spring Salad

Spring Lunch! So, I've been munchin' some majorly delish salads lately. I get up in the am and literally have meat and eggs. I need that fat and protein to start the day. I then want a lighter, and medium volume lunch.

It is Spring after all!

Salad! Fill yourself with fiber mid-day. Seriously. And the more components you add to your salad, the more fun it is to eat. Each bite is a bit different. Tantalize those taste buds mid day. Trust me. After you spend the morning listening to people tell you how machines are taking over their body, you need a fun lunch!

Morning procedure. Fill Tupperware 1/2 way with lettuce or spinach, whatever is on sale.

Add cherry tomatoes and grapes

Add mango, pineapple, strawberries, whatev! What do you have on hand? My salads are random!! Having an impulse control problem makes for some great meals!

Make your dressing! I have mini Tupperware from Ikea. For this salad combo I use a rice vinegar base. I add tamari and a few drops of sesame oil. Then a titch of siracha chili garlic sauce.

Put your salad dressing in your Tupperware now. It will fit, smoosh it! If you do this, it provides double coverage for your liquid. Spills happen people. You don't want your bag to smell like sesame oil...not that that's ever happened to me!!!

Now you will have some extra space around your dressing Tupperware. Fill it in! I love a big pinch of coconut flakes, gomasio sesame seeds and wasabi peas please!

Pack 'er away in your cooler lunch box. You have re-usable lunch wear correct? Whew. Good! Bring a beverage, a fork and some crackers etc to complete your lunch. Pull this baby out at noon, and say ooooh! Lookin yummy! Or go get chicken fingers from the hospital cafeteria. yeah. right!

Sit outside for lunch. Get some vitamin D! Salads are better when eaten in the sun:)

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