Sunday, April 19, 2009


A rainy morning. Oh, goodness how I love them!!!! It is April after all. In any case, whenever I can, I apprehend ripe bananas from my Mom. She thinks she likes bananas. She doesn't. But, she keeps believing some day she will, and therefore keeps purchasing them. I do not really like bananas either. But, I love love love banana bread. So does Jon. Lucky him:) This weeks experiment was control vs raisins + coconut. I like the experiment, Jon likes the control. A loaf for each :)

Anyways, Jon joined for brunch. Offer a baked good and he's so there :) I gained my inspiration here. And, I so happened to have turkey, eggs, a tomato and cheese to use up. Plus the oven was already heated up. I'm green.

So. I took tortillas, and warmed them on a skillet. Then, sliced a roma tomato and dried it out a bit on the skilltet. I sprayed a baking sheet, and placed the torillas on the sheet. I added the tomato, and sprinkled some shredded pepper jack cheese. I then created a turkey breast moat so to speak. I cracked an egg in the middle and dusted cumin and corriander on top. Then, I popped it in the oven at 350, or whatever my crazy oven decided to rest at, and baked till egg was set. Delish.

btw, check out Jon and Nick's sweet dorothy inspired matching outfits last night! So stylin! The show was fantastic. The Vangobots rocked as usual, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin were a treat live. Gotta love indie rock!


BandB said...

Invite me for brunch. Your Sunday breakfasts look way more interesting than mine!!

I bought more bananas today :)
(Well, because Nick is here and requested them.)

I am so impressed with your cooking abilities!

And the picture of Nick and Jon is very cute.

Have a good Monday.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm a chicken in the kitchen - I need to be more adventurous & just give things a whirl like you do! That brunch dish sounded amazing.

And I also adore banana bread. I need to make some one of these days... I like mine w/ chocolate chips or plain. I told my mom how you added coconut to yours & she thought that sounded delish (she is crazy for coconut!)

Hope the paper writing is going well! It sounded like a really interesting topic!