Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is your idea of a trade??

Well. Would you like to hear a story? Yikes. I think my blood might be boiling.


So, anyways. I was out in Maple Grove this afternoon for a joint birthday party for Jon and his sister. It really was a fun afternoon, complete with a little Wii some candy land, and many blood pressure checks and shots from Grace's doctor kit! After the party, I decided to stop at Trader Joe's. I needed groceries, and had never been there before. I honestly was really excited. I follow a few nutrition blogs online, and they always seem to be highlighting their latest find from TJs. I also have often received TJs baking mixes as gifts. So obviously, in my mind TJs was this utopia of healthy gluten free options. Till now. As I walk in, it is much smaller than I expected. Glancing at the produce dept I immediately thought, oh shoot. I would definitely still be making a trip to a grocery store. GFer's tend to shop the perimeter of stores, and in TJs that consisted of a few bananas and some tulips. I might exaggerate, but you get the idea. So I thought, well I hope to find some great sauces or mixes in the aisles. Jon found the GF product list and we began shopping. Here begins my saga. I am standing by frozen broccoli and look up on the top shelf. WOW. Candy!! This store was arranged by someone with severe ADD. But ok, lets whip out the GF list and see what we can try. I must have looked confused because a woman came up to me asking if she could help.

"No, I'm just browsing. "
"Oh. Gluten free huh"
"Yeah, but I have the list. I'm just looking"
"Well read them off to me, i'll see if I can find them."
"Um, no that's ok. I'm just looking"
"Tony, Go get a carb safe bar, those are gluten free"
"No, thats ok. These candies are made on shared equipment. I think i'll just move along"

Ok. So I got my broccoli and left. Honestly, almost everything packaged there by TJ's brand is made on shared equipment. Hardly my utopia. Midway cub looks better every day. So we made it to the check out, and then home. I feed George, because he's screaming at me the second I walk in of course, and then proceed to unpack.

Wait! What! What the heck is this?

What the heck. I didn't buy that!!!

Um. Apparently I did. For $1.99.
WHAT!!! I immediately call Jon. Me, freaking out "Did you put chocolate in my basket? You know I gave that up for lent right" Jon's ever calm reply "No Suzanne, no I didn't"
WHAT!!! That sneaky Tony! Who just throws stuff in shoppers baskets without them knowing? Are you kidding me!!!!

True the bar is gluten free

See that last line. Carb safe, but diarrhea danger. Awesome. Thanks Tony!

Trader Joe's you have officially been written off. Might I remind you that a trade is a willing exchange of goods, not whatever that was!!!!

On a happy note. This is a picture of my new water bottle from Patina. Man that is a cute store. Bibelot has some competition!

Spring salad recipe to come. When I find some rice vinegar, TJs didn't pan out for that either. pffft. Good riddance.


BandB said...

This was fun to read, Suzanne!
Did you try the limoncello?

Lisa D said...

I shouldn't have laughed when I read this, but I did... Wow, that is an awful experience.

I must say I agree with your sentiment. Everyone raves about TJ's, but I find more GF stuff at Rainbow than I do there...

And how sneaky of that guy to throw that chocolate bar in your basket!! That is terrible.

Looking forward to reading about the spring salad!