Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ecopolitan with a budding ecopolitician!

Nick and I had planned on visiting this little gem seasonally. Alas, busy schedules intervene. You know, what with the obamamania/SXSW and med school that has been occupying our respective lives lately. We finally ended up meeting for a nice dinner on Tuesday, and oh boy was it glorious.

I narrowly escaped being hit by a flying psych table in order to whisk myself away to this tranquil ecopolitan table. I'm not kidding, those wacky kiddos. Watch out!!! Thank goodness George has been giving me "Reflex Lessons", free of charge.

Yum! We opted for appetizers, since we had both had a late lunch and had entrees last visit. My Trio sampler: pesto, hummus and olive tapenade with flax crackers. The olive tapenade is something I HAVE to try to replicate. I'm pretty sure there were also some sundried tomatoes in there, and something smoky. I'm thinking just a pinch of chipotle could do the trick...gears are spinning!

Nick's Bruschetta, with balsamic onions and oat focaccia slices. I opted to pass on sampling this, as the oat issue is something I just chose to surrender to. However, he gobbled it up, which is a good thing!

Next time I really think we should go for a pizza or breakfast. I would love to try someone else's pancakes, and their incorporation of flax is flaxtastic by me! My pancakes tend to sit like a rock in your stomach, not a pleasant adjustment after a life of my mom's honey wheat dimes!

Alrighty folks, off to make some banana bread! Stay posted! And, really, make sure your feet are clean for tomorrow!


BandB said...

Maybe next time we can join you two!
I was a little lost on the clean feet issue, but then remembered the whole St. Thomas Becket thing and that gross feet washing tradition on Holy Thursday. Yuck. Sock lint......

Good pictures!

Lisa D said...

I can't wait to hear some stories from your psycho rotation!!