Friday, May 1, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Yikes! Not a lot of cookin' goin' on here this week! I think this cartoon pretty much sums it up!!

Speaking of ketchup... Lisa tagged me for a fun post. 5 guilty pleasures! Here it goes.

1. McDonald's two cheeseburger meal, omg! Now, what is the gluten free version you may ask? Caramelized onions and chopped up dill pickles with LOADS, and I mean loads, of ketchup and yellow #5 mustard. mmmm. I suppose it's healthier. But, if you saw the ridiculous amount of ketchup I use, you'd have to file this one under "abby-normal" .

2. Reality TV. The hills, the real housewives, pretty much all of BRAVO. TV is supposed to turn your brain off as fast as possible right? that's what I thought!

3. Honey and butter! wow. pretty much as sweet as it gets:)

4. Clean sheets and scented candles? Good lord, my grandmother must be channeling me. But seriously, having clean sheets on Sunday nights makes a world of difference. Light a glorious candle, and your apt is trasnformed!!!

5. Calling my Mom! I'm an adult, sort of. I still need her to tell me it will be ok! Before tests, before purchases, before picking out my not that bad :)

Tests and papers are over! I hope to get my butt-oski in the kitchen soon. Cinco de mayo and Elizabeth's baby shower are coming up! I have some recipes itching to be scratched! Stay tuned.

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