Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm still swimming. Promise. Barely. I'm on heme onc right now, pulling some crazy hours. I'm also trying to make feeble daily attempts at completing my application. I'm cooking, just not in a picturesque sort of way. I am however, way into eggplant right now. Quote from my resident at ?dinner? while on call...

um what are you eating?


hmm, how do you cook that?

I saute it in balsamic vinegar usually

Oh... so you're a vegetarian.

Um no. there is also tuna in my salad.


Clearly if you don't eat U of M supplied pizza 2 meals per day, your are some sort of freak of nature. Love those budding health professionals. Go go hyperlipidemia! I went home to la casa this weekend, stocked up on my mom's garden goods. Thank the lord for mothers. Alright, diversion complete. Back to essays.


B and B said...

Hang on! You are almost through the latest set of hoops...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hang in there, chickadee! Good luck getting everything done!!

Marlys said...

That visual aid was perfect! Glad you're still afloat and good luck!
I love your perspective on life!