Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Ok lovlies. I'll start my marathon of posts with my cousin Abby's wedding. Abby is currently in nursing school in Arizona. She started out at UND, where she met her main squeeze Ryan. They ventured to the dessert together over a year ago now. She has an adorable blog with stories about their life together. Such a cute couple. Picture totally stolen from Lisa's facebook :)

We had a little family band for the wedding. I even got to play Handel's Largo during the processional. I love this song. My piano teacher told me to walk down the aisle to this piece. I fully intend to...when I'm 40?

At the ceremony. It was held in a cute catholic church in Battle Lake MN. Brand spankin new in fact, making Abby and Ryan's wedding the inaugural nuptials.

The lovely Lisa, the maid of honor. Looking fantastic! She did a wonderful job as a gracious hostess and spectacular speaker!

Then the fam headed to the reception at Thumper pond resort. The boys had already been there bright and early for 18 holes. I slept it. It was nice to have a leisurely morning and get the the church early to practice.

Mama Barb. She did such an amazing job playing during the ceremony. I'm always so amazed at how talented my parents are. And my aunt Rosie played the recessional. Holy buckets. She smoked up the keys!

Jon and I hung out with these goofballs all weekend. Love them! We hit up a local watering post Friday night when we arrived. We played pool, air hockey and listened to the musical masterpiece "Rockin the beer gut". On Sunday the boys golfed AGAIN, while Ellen and I bummed about Ottertail MN. We did some hot tubbing and hit up the Otter treat-aka imitation dairy queen.

A beautiful weekend for sure. Complete with M&Ms in those little green boxes. I may have had 1 or 8. Hey, if you leave your M&Ms unattended I cannot promise they won't end up in my belly. Sorry to anyone who found theirs missing :)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fantastic wedding re-cap! You have some great pictures! I had to laugh at the walking down the aisle at 40 comment. I always joke w/ my friends & say I will probably be wearing a pants suit when I get married, a la Golden Girls style!

The music was *amazing*!! Your family is so dang talented!

My tan lines are terrible. I am really hoping the photogs can edit that out! Oops! I really, really tried to not have any time lines that were visible. Total fail.