Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day weekend!

No grilling this memorial day :( I have some new recipes I'm dying to try. That dang Bobby Flay comes on TV at 11:30 at night with 17 new BBQ sauces! What's a grill deprived girl to do! Torture!!!! But alas, the weekend was delightful.

Starting off: another graduation. Jon's brother Dave graduated from Bethel University, also Jon's Alma mater. It was really a lovely ceremony, and the speaker was very entertaining. He also gave very good advice to the graduates as the enter a the workforce during "slightly" harsh times! He pointed out that the graduates need to have the right mindset, and really attempt to heal the world.

A little guac made table side at Bar Abilene, which by the way has an incredible deal from 4-6. 1/2 price on anything... like really. You want to buy $200 tequila, fine 1/2 price. They add worschestire sauce to their guac, (Lea Perrins is GF). I thought it was intriguing, Jon gave it a big thumbs down. He's a purist you know.

Finally, the much needed spring clean. I was serious about it, let me tell you. Just look at this fridge, squeaky clean! The floors and walls were scrubbed, ceiling fans dusted, shoes wrangled. Whew. It was intense, but felt SO good. I also discovered George's secret stash of hair ties under my entry way rug. That rascal, about 25 of them!!!

May flowers, best purchase of my life! $5 at cub for these babies. I am not kidding, this picture is WEEK 2!!!! I just keep trimming the ends, and they keep going and going and going! If you notice I had asparagus and radishes in the spic and span fridge shot. I'm going to make this recipe this weekend. Wish me luck!


BandB said...

Wow! Look at that fridge! The recipe looks good. I agree with Jon. I don't think guac should have any sauce in it to cloud the taste. The flowers are beautiful. George must leave them be! Come see the garden!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm going to have to side w/ Jon on the guac... I guess I must be a purist as well or something!

You'll have to do a post on that salad - sounds delicious!