Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy to be day!

Mother's Day! We threw a shower for my cousin Elizabeth today. She and Mike will be having a baby girl in July! We had a low key shower, no frilly games since boys were invited :) We did however, all decorate a onesie for the baby with fabric markers. If you know my family, you understand how ridiculous that could become. But anyways, on to the munchies!

Baby rattles? That was the plan anyhow. These need a bit of tweeking before the next baby! We made our usual peanut butter ball recipe, but dipped them in white chocolate. Then we stuck a plastic stick in the bottom and decorated, (to the best of our humble abilities) with pink tinted white chocolate. Each table setting got a rattle! They are delicious though!

The centerpiece, made by my momma. She bought flowers from Michael's and made little flowers out of onesies, hats and socks as well. See them interspersed! Very cute, very martha.

Next up, baby bird nests! My new adaption from this post. But here is a play by play. Corn tortilla on the bottom, topped with refried beans, salsa and oaxaca.

Around the perimeter add sauted red peppers and onions, and some shredded chicken. Our chicken was marinated with this Tyler Florence recipe. HOLY yum! Bake them at about 400 for 20 min, to get things started.

After 20 min or so, pull them out and crack an egg in the middle. Sprinkle with cumin and corriander and pop them back into the oven.

Vilola! Final product. Cook to your desired yolk runniness!

An assortment of toppings. Salsa, home-made quac (with garlic :) yum), cheese and mango black bean salsa.

The mango black bean salsa up close! We made this the night before, and let the flavors mingle. Recipe is here. Try it! I plan on using this as dressing for my salad tomorrow.

Jicama berry salad. Recipe! berry-tastic.

Incredibly green rice! This is not just my sub par photography! Cilantro, garlic and lime juice blended and added to the cooked rice. Very delicious. Recipe here.

And of course. Sweets for the sweet! Coconut macaroons. mmmm. Made Saturday, and nibbled during onesie craft time.

Fudge too. Recipe here. And a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from my aunt Jayne (grandma to be) Thanks Jayne, I'm smelling them as a post!


BandB said...

Good job, qwerkyqook! Job well done!!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You guys sure know how to host a fab baby shower. The food looked amazing!!!

I need to get your guac recipe. I had some guac on Friday at your mom's and it was to die for!

Those baby rattles are awesome - and looked yummy!

qwerkyqook said...

MMMM lisa, check out the tyler florence link. At the bottom of the page he has a guac recipe. It's the one we used today, and holy cow it's heavenly! Gotta love mexican food, gluten free jackpot! The baby rattles were cute, but flat on one side! oops, darn melted chocolate. My mom and I make a great team! And she sends me with leftovers! Mr. fudge is calling me, I can hear him all the way from the fridge! gotta go :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks Suzanne!! Can't wait to try the guac recipe. I might have to practice every week between now & the party. You know, just to make sure I get it right! ;)

qwerkyqook said...

the beauty of avocado is... no matter what, it tastes fantastic :)