Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cinco-ish de Mayo

Ahh. District del Sol is so delicious! We decided to head to the Cinco de Mayo celebration this afternoon. We missed the low rider show, but all else was in full swing this Saturday! We lolligagged around, and soaked in the sights. This was a gigantic decorated fence of some sort, on top of a white bull. Men were taking turns jumping into the bulls belly to hold it up and dance. Each guy could bounce around for about 2 minutes before he exited the bull huffing and puffing! A mariachi band and a gaggle of pre-teen girls were dancing round this fantastically festival fence...

The main stage, viva la Mexico, had a huge mariachi band. They were delightful. We stayed for a few songs. People watching was in full swing as well :)

Salsa! This little tent was a happening spot. It featured an Ecuadorian group playing guitars and various pan flutes, with electronic drums on the boom box. We listened for a bit and moseyed on. But, on our second pass, an impromptu dance party had begun.

Of course, we found tacos! A little pricey I must say. It was one of those, buy tickets or else festivals. But nonetheless, we sampled pork and chicken.

Happy camper! chomp! Taco Time!

Wouldn't you know, all roads lead to Boca Chica! I'm not kidding, the end of the festival mysteriously brought us here. It called to me! We stopped and had a la senora:)

And, I even scored a tissue paper flower! Good gravy, what a great day!


BandB said...

I have been craving Boca Chica (an a la senora) for WAY TOO LONG!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never been to Boca Chica. I must go there!!

In the last week, I have eaten tacos 5 times. No joke. I guess Cinco de Mayo is a week long celebration in my house this year!

qwerkyqook said...

ok ladies. maybe, next date is for la senoras!

BandB said...

Count me in!!!!
I think we need to wait until this Mexican celebration week is over, though!