Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring ahead salad

I'm pretty much a genius. But you already knew that. This salad proves it. Oh stop, you're too kind.

I make omelets for breakfast. Girls gotta keep the tummy at bay while people go on and on and on in rounds. I mean, while I save lives. Anyways. In goes the egg, then spinach, then balsamic. When my protein/fiber pocket of breakfast delight is done, my pan has a glorious balsamic reduction left behind. Or, at least, a poor mans version. Well, genius strikes at 7 am. Hmm, balsamic reduction is delicious and oh so fancy. Why don't I just add a salad serving to the leftovers and mix 'er up? Don't mind if I do. Holy yum. It's good. Add in salad toppers that make you feel like spring is coming, and everything's gonna be alright, let's everybody get along tonight... strawberries, oranges, red onion. Go wild.

Old skool

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B and B said...

First, I like the balsamic/spinach omelet idea. And then, the salad looks even better.

Hang in there! The snow is melting. Miss you.