Saturday, March 26, 2011

Satay into Saturday

I needed quick dinners this week. Satay and sweet potatoes to the rescue. It has been a busy, busy week. I'm pretty sure I have a death germ populating my bronchioles AND, our hospital took the much anticipated plunge and switched EMRs to Epic. Change is more annoying than actually hard. I've used Epic at other hospitals, so there were a only few minor bugs to get used. It does slow the entire day down, especially when it takes me 45 minutes to order ECT. That seems overly complex, don't cha think? Anyways, I like Epic. It autocorrects my notes. I'm sold. Dinner still needed to be simple.

Satay sauce was whipped up using my immersion blended. Thanks Mom! PB, lime, chili paste, tamari, honey and hot water. Blended to perfection. I made too much, I guess that means we are taking this satay into the weekend.

I used Bobby Flay's satay and chicken recipe. Marinated the chicken in yogurt, ginger, garlic and hot curry and got my sweat on at the gym. I now know what if feels like to have asthma. Hacking away on the treadmill, no concern for others. That's how I roll. I covered my mouth. Endorphins feel way better than nyquil anyways. Home, preheat oven. Spice up some sweet potatoes to bake (chili power, cumin, coriander, curry and cinnamon). Shower, sautee chicken and plate it up. The whole meal comes together in about 20 min! Woot. Go me.

Day 2. Satay on the brain. I decided to wing it for the marinade. I opened the fridge and found some promising suspects. Pre-workout marination. Pineapple papaya juice, tamari, garlic and lime juice.  A little more LA fitness germ bombing and shower. Ready to cook. This time I microwaved 2 small sweet potatoes, then pan fried them with Garam masala and chili powder. Pan fry chicken and plate it up. 

A little satay remains, but my chicken stash has been depleted. Operation, clean out my freezer still underway. Satay and salmon patties? I'll keep thinking...

New booty shakin workout song


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your quick meals kick my quick meals butt as usual! So impressed by what you come up with - esp considering how busy you are! I should take a book from your page and break my reliance on progresso soup in a can...

But, i am making up for it by making risotto, which is taking forever... It smells good, though, so i know it will be worth the wait! Time to go stir!

B and B said...

Yum! Looks very good. Glad the immersion blender has been used!

Feel better soon.

Abby said...

Yum! I want to make this. It looks heavenly. I need quick meals this week too... hmmmmm

Our hospital is changing systems soon as well. I don't have an "issue" with change -- but yes, I agree -- it's just annoying.

But I will say...I'm reallly excited that our doctors will need to type their notes and orders. Currently..they still hand write. Some have the ability to make a 3 year old's penmanship look like calligraphy..... ;)

Dad said...

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