Friday, March 5, 2010

There is a God

There is a God! Hallelujah. I ran today! 3 slow but steady miles. Followed by serious sweating on the step mill. Have you every tried that contraption?

I go up stairs all the time, and seem to manage it just fine. However, apparently going up stairs at the gym makes me sweat bullets. I think my buttoski might hurt tomorrow. But back to the main event....My wonky pelvis made it 3 miles.

And I didn't break, break my. Break, break my pelvis. I think. My blog is turning int MTV college Jamz. Sorry. I'm not sure what's going on.

Back to my pelvis, I know, you're enthralled. I can tell I ran on it, but it's no where near the pain of 3 weeks ago. Maybe those vitamin supplements are helping. Thank goodness, biking was getting WAY old.

How do you heal your body?

I've been inundated with vaccinations in preparation to travel to SA. In fact, today was Yellow fever. While injecting me, the travel nurse calmly stated, "You know, these are pretty exotic vaccines. You should probably tell someone you're getting them. You know, just in case."

Thanks. If I end up MIA blogworld, make sure i'm still breathing. I did get live yellow fever today.

I'll start typhoid on Sat. I'm a bit nervous about that one, as I've heard it might make you a bit..well..pukey.

Aptly, I'll share a recipe for the soul. Or for my immune system. Please, make your antibodies peacefully. Thanks. Many people need healing, and when they do, deliver chicken noodle soup. Here's my batch, made for someone who needed it more than my yellow fevered blood.

Recipe via the soul of my mama. BTW, how many mom's have blogs? I know, mine is especially cool.

Buy a package of chicken thighs
Brown the thighs in your dutch oven
Add chicken stock to cover the thighs and simmer for 30 min
Do some choppin, carrots, celery, onion
Remove thighs, reserve broth
Add olive oil and sweat your Mirepoix
Do not brown! I left this step a tad too long, and had to switch pots. Oh well, C'est la vie.
Once tender-15 min? Add a bunch more stock. maybe 4 cups
Add dried herbs: my choices included basil, mural of flavors, and a restrained dose of tarragon
Dump in your reserved broth from the thighs, and add in the thighs-deboned and broken into chunks. I like the meat in semi-generous bite sizes. I wouldn't shred it. Unless you want to. It's a free world.
Simmer another 30 min
Package 'er up, and slurp for your spirit, or deliver for a friend's.

Upon serving, you can boil up noodles of your choice. GF friends, I'd recommend quinoa noodles or brown rice. For the real world, egg noodles are #1. It's best to keep the noodles and soup separate, then combine prior re-heating and serving. No one likes a soggy noodle.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! I adore soups. That looks so good. I haven't cooked in about a month! Pathetic, huh?

I had to get a bunch of crazy vaccinations when i went to visit my friend who was in the Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic. I did the typhoid vaccination and didn't get sick so hopefully you don't either!

When is Match Day? Is your mom coming back? Are you going out to celebrate afterwards? let me know - I'd love to see you (and return The Bell Jar - great book!)

Loved the college jamz comment. Hilarious. Glad you had a pain free run. I am hoping to be pain free very soon... Hopefully the PT sessions I am starting next week make a huge difference. Right now I feel like a wrickity old lady. Or a broken down castle.

B and B said...

Yummy. Soup. Good idea! Off to the store. Hope the ailing friend is doing well!

Abby and Ryan said...

Yum! The soup looks delicious. I've been a soon/chili kick lately trying to milk out the last days of this...for soon it will be 100+ every day in hot, hot AZ!

I am so glad to hear that your hip made it through a run! I love those stair machines! They sure do kill! However, I don't like the stair *steppers*. I don't get how to use it....

Good luck with your typhoid vaccine!!

Marlys said...

Soup sounds and looks delish! Wish I had a grocery store closer so I could get some chicken and make it! It is almost the end of the day and I'm starving! That stair stepper looks dangerous! Do you go up forward and down backwards? I have never been to a gym - none in Wyndmere!