Thursday, March 11, 2010

SA preview.

Want a preview?

Sent thanks to the manfriend's fantástico food photography. He's off to the Jungle tomorrow, a real live Mogli.

Mystery meat on the street

Cheese filled breakfast

Did Jon find pancakes?

On a gluten free note: avocados apparently cost 20 cents, and you can get 5 peaches for one dolla! H*ll yeah!

Or:  Holy mother of god. Chicken eating spiders!

IN PERU!!!!!!!!Yes. That's a normal sized chicken.

If this thing comes tap tap tapping on my tent in the middle of the night, I'm throwing Jon to the spiders... while I play chicken, or something.

 Lord help me, wherever I wander, wherever I roam.


B and B said...

Did Jon take that picture of the chicken with the tarantula doing a dance on top of it? I am thinking you will be sleeping with one eye open. Do you think they use corn flour?

Abby and Ryan said...

Woah! The chicken-eating-spider?!?! I just got done reading "The Sunflower"...and it takes place in Peru, and the author brought up these infamous "chiken-eating spiders" multiple times.

....I thought that was just an exaggeration! Eek!!

Quite an adventure you will be taking on! :)

Marlys said...

That spider reminded me of Kevin's tarantula, only much bigger! Gross! It will be an adventure!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my I cringed at the photo of the spider. I freak out when I see a daddy long legs - no idea how I'd handle coming face to face with one of those! Apparently Australia has the deadliest snakes & spiders. Everyone kept telling me that when I was preparing to study abroad. So after I started to really freak out, I stopped doing web searches about snakes/spiders of Australia & asked people to please stop talking about them because it was freaking me out. Luckily I didn't encounter anything deadly - and hopefully that will be the case for you in SA!

So excited for this trip! The price of avocados & peaches is awesome! I know what you'll be eating. Hopefully it's not too tough to find GF stuff down there!!

qwerkyqook said...

No that's a google image. It's a real spider though, found in Peru. I pray to God I never encounter such a creature. Jafar ain't got nothing on that beast!