Friday, February 19, 2010

Super sorta sushi supper

Delicious weekend. Perfect for lent. Anyone looking for a little sea food inspiration?


These babies are delicious. However, I must say, they are a tad bit messy to eat. I would suggest deconstructing them into a salad. For practical purposes. However, when I'm looking for something wild and crazy on a Friday night, I'll risk the messy hands and roll me up some riceless sorta-sushi rolls.


Start with a toasted nori roll. Head to a chinese grocer for some super fantastic deals. Also, if you are out of chintzy chinese paper decorations, you can stock up! Pile in some mixed greens. I opt for spring greens, spinich, or arrruuuugula.


TJ's sells a frozen pepper medly. I speed defrost them.... aka toss them in the skillet with some tamari till they are warm and your kitchen smells nice and salty. Then I take grated carrots and warm them in the microwave with tamari and wasabi powder. You could use them raw, but in the wrap I think they work a bit better slightly tenderized. Top with some shrimpies, for the protein, and the cholesterol.  

Yum yum yum.

Roll em up. I usually dip them in my standby: rice vin, toasted sesame oil, tamari and mirin. slurp slurp delish.

Relax this weekend. My Rx: sleep, sushi-ish rolls and sun salutations :) btw. Mt Dew is not part of my weekend recommendations, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta dew.


B and B said...

Looks great! Is that a Christmas plate? Very colorful. Hope you get a chance to rest.

Marlys said...

I am not crazy about sushi, but this looks very good! I love shrimp! Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Welcome back to blogging! :) Have missed your posts.

This looks delish. i adore sushi. A friend of mine turned 30 in January & her husband had a sushi party. The hit up an Asian market store & got tons of snacks & then had a couple of different fishes that they got at Coastal Seafoods. It was divine. :)