Sunday, February 14, 2010

Le Love

Happy Valentines day loved ones! Obviously, I'm blogging at 9:20 on Vday while watching keeping up with the kardashians...aka flying solo. I did however, prepare a fantabulous recipe for your tasting pleasure. Straight out of Italy. Well, gluten free Italy. Or, my Italian inspired rendition of gluten free Italy. Whatever. Trust me you will love it. And your hips will love it too, and they don't lie.

Task One: 45 min of roasting a split and de-seeded spaghetti squash cut side down at 350.

Really, just cook it till its done. I like to leave mine a titch crunchy. I know i'll be microwaving the leftovers, so a bit al dente works perfectly. Do not try to throw spaghetti squash strands at the wall to test for done-ness. Instead, act like a civilized person and dig the fork in. If it peels back easily, you are close. Then taste for your preference. And by all means, keep that pinky (pinkie?) up, this is valentines day!

Once you feel the squash is on it's home stretch, start your sauce. I sauteed chopped onions and garlic first. Then I sprinkled dried thyme, basil and a smidge of tarrgon to the mix. Followed with generous glugs of tomato sauce, and top with handfuls of spinach and balsamic. I swear, I sweat balsamic vinager. It works on EVERYTHING. Well maybe not cereal, yet...

Next up, plating. Make sure you do a fantastic job. You know, to impress yourself! It ok Self, you've already won me over. Anyways. Pile in some spaghetti (squash) strands, top with your semi homemade sauce and garnish with the love of my life. KRAFT Parmesan cheese. Holy yum. This take on spagetti is seriously fantastic. I really just want the sauce and cheese anyways. You won't miss the pasta, I promise. The squash makes the flavor of the sauce absolutely pop. So make sure you spend your time there. I might try to add red wine next time. I have plenty of leftovers to experiment with. Don't worry mom, the canister of cheese definitely accompanied me to my table and was applied much more liberally at many pauses throughout the meal. This picture was totally staged to make me "seem" like a normal human.

Happy Valentines day loves. When all else fails. Put on lipstick, drink red wine, and just BE fabulous:)


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So delish! I am new to spaghetti squash but find it so good! Too bad I wasted so many years not eating it!