Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yes. Refueling. Wowza. Infectious disease started this week. It was meh. Not sure yet. Mostly some time management issues... yes. Beware when the attending says " You guys don't have like, families or anything to get home to do you?" But, I really think it is a great rotation for me. I was hesitant, let me tell you. But I need to push myself to have a better command on complicated medicine. Chemo patients, AIDS patients, Elderly...they get really stinkin sick sometimes. I have already learned so much. Antibiotics terrify me, holy buckets there are so many choices. I am learning. So its all good. But yeah, the 12 hour day appears to be back. yuck.

George is refueling too. Truth: This picture was taken while I was doing Comcast supplied Yoga, George was doing George things.

As stated, I've amped up my morning eggs. 2 eggs in a pan. Spastic smattering of spices: whatever your heart desires. I strongly recommend the addition of tarragon though. mmmm licoricey in the am. Then add some spinach to the eggs and fold er up. After my eggs cook, a put them in a bowl and saute some sundry greens in either red or balsamic vin. yum! Top your eggs with some fiber. I bet you don't get enough anyways. Just sayin. Bein a med student and all.

Finally, backyard harvesting. YUM!!!! I don't think anyone else picks these babes. But holy yum! As long as your willing to have a few forearm scratches... delish snacking for free!!!! I just really hope the garage doesn't have lead paint. That may be bad... Basophilic stippling. Yikes.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! Looks good!

I always look at your pictures before reading & I totally misinterpret what I am looking at.

Like today, those mushrooms kind of look like oysters or mussels. And I thought - hmm, ambitious/interesting little salad you've got there.

You have raspberries in your backyard? I kind of hate you!

And I Kind of want to beat up my 8 year old self who would moan & complain about having to pick them each week from my grandparent's raspberry patch. dang I was a baby.