Friday, July 10, 2009

Berry Brave

God bless America, the home of the ... processed foods? So, I had high hopes for the 4th. I was going to be so adventurous and creative. I poured over as the week wound down, drooling over all fantastically festive creations. We decided to head to the Geier Ranch for the annual 4th of July shindig. Nicholaus has a par-tay every 4th. Usually it involves blowing up food items in the yard, fun folks, and more money spent on fireworks than the collective rent of all the attendees. (we live in the slums, so that's feasible). Anyways, the grill was in full swing, complete with bad-a$$ beef+injectables hot dogs and generic roundy's buns. That is EXACTLY what Jon wanted. So, I thought, I'll save my culinary juices for another time. I ate junk too, just not the roundy's bun + injectables kind. Not photo worthy, trust me.

I did however, buy baskets of bountiful berries. I was all about re-creating the red-white-blue theme. I suppose I could have thrown some blueberries and strawberries into a glass of white wine and called it good. My lovelies, I hope you know, I'm more sophisticated than that. Waah! Enter, my salad this week, ta - dah! I tend to create my lunches in under 5 min. I usually cook my eggs and buisnesss then lounge and eat while watching Angela Davis tell me what blew up or burned down overnight. Then at the last min, I jump up, put on a glamorous outfit to cover up with a white coat, and throw together some mangled creation called a ....salad. I really love salad y'alls. ESPECIALLY in summer. But, my taste buds have to be tingled by many many a flavor to feel satisfied. You also need some protein, or tummy's be growlin by your 7th Diabetes check of the afternoon. This week knocked my socks off. Beneath that hunk - o - junk is romaine. I topped the bed of glowing greens with sauteed onion, cooked spinach, tuna, blueberries and STRAWberries. The picture is pre-dressing smash. I then add a tiny tupperwear of rice vinegar, tamari and mirin. Those salad ingredients do not match! Somehow, the rice wine vinaigrette will magically meld any crazy concoction together.

Yum. I savored my salad over lunch. Today was Morbidity and Mortality lunch lecture. I had the above "eye candy" for dessert. HA! Jon was in the pulmonary function lab today. So I ate my masterpiece, and he scarfed the Domino's the U so graciously provides to all its health care professionals... Don't even start. Not a green leafy in sight! We learned about cerebellar strokes and chowed. Ahhh, then no kidding, I went back for some DIABETES checks. At least I can say I ate a salad. My patient was eating white castle every night for, oh, 6 months. He then transitioned, oh so gracefully, into a story about how he saw his dead aunts ghost in an old farmhouse. Something about hoodlums breaking in and putting pigeons in the attic, and ... yeah. psych is everywhere.


BandB said...

Your days are sooo different from mine. Of course, when I was in the classroom, there were quite a few similarities!!! You wouldn't know where the tuna from my pantry went would you? :) Miss you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm all about salads as well - that one looks so good. I love tuna!

How ironic that the med school served pizza at a morbidity lecture?? ;)

When we set up the culinary boot camp, we'll def pick a date that you can be there as well. You just have to promise not to laugh at my and my kitchen insecurities. I know - it's so ridiculous! The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn't turn out & I have to throw it out. I tell myself this, but I still freak out in the kitchen and worry about being a complete failure!!

Hope you have some time off this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather!