Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Non food fotos.

As we usher in July ( brrr) I am taking a moment to slow down and think. I think this post would be better with some hip shakin'. Let's start out with this fantabulous song I found. A boom ba.

I have not been doing too much experimentation in the kitchen lately. With the exception of my morning eggs, which I've GREENED up. I crack ma eggs in the pan, then spastically dump dill, basil, thyme, tarragon, and fancy pomegranate red wine vinegar on top. Sometimes I add some steak seasoning, if I'm feeling sassy. Then I fold em up, with my neon green spatula, and finish cooking. Delish. You see, they look so plain and simple, then you take a slice...Wham. Green surprise. So there, I classify again as a food blog. I do however, have high hopes for the holiday weekend. It's a 3 day-er you know. woot woot. I mean, yes America.

Do you ever just feel blah? Things get stressful, what? Medical school is stressful? no. I have MAJOR decisions to make. Like, woman-what are you going to DO with your life? I dunno. shoot. Anyways, sometimes you learn a lot when you make yourself...

Now, the slow down. Allow me to wax prophetic. When life gets stressful, I tend to freak out. Somehow things enter my life at the right moment. I do a lot of food blog reading. Bordering on strange and obsessive. Just sayin . Thank Gordita for googlereader. Anyways, there is something fantastic going on in this hip, underground world I snoop through. Enter: Operation Beautiful. Go there. It really is beautiful. Sometimes, seriously, this is exactly what a girl needs. Here were my entries.

My pics were included last week. These babies made it into friends purses, only after they spent some time in my apt. It does make a difference, and I really feel like it's 100% worth whatever small promotion I can make. I think when you get scared, you need to pump yourself up. This filled my soul-o-meter. I'm feeling more powerful. Am I ready to be introspective? Yikes, huge jass task.

Alright, I'm pumped up (with a hans & franz accent no less). If you think about it, being a medical student is honestly fun. There's a lot of torture and hoop jumping, but yeah, that happens everywhere. I get to talk to people all day. If I ask them something, they tell me. Usually they care what you tell them. When they don't, honestly, they are even more interesting. Like, what the bejeezus are you thinking? But anyways. People are wacky, and I love that. Listening to hearts and lungs, mmm, it's not that great. Freezing warts is pretty fun. Putting your sweet little thumb indent in a heart failure patients ankle is ok, I guess. But really, their stories are so much better.

That's what I'm learning. I think I like psych. yep I said it, online = super official. I'm still not sure. I'm a slow decision maker. I'm the type that lets things happen. Like pulling out my teeth, leave them in till they dangle. (sick, I know. Sorry Grandpa McDougall). Anyways, stay tuned I guess. Next the 4th.

I love the 4th. Almost as much as I love Netflix. But that's a WHOLE other issue. Sweet dreams, y'all. Carpe that Diem.


BandB said...

Remember when I would tell you to give me your problems at night and I would keep them for you until the morning? I miss those days.
Trust your gut.
Discuss with people. Hearing your own words will help you.
I love you. And know I am very, very proud of you.
Every step of the way.
I know I can't make the decisions for you, but I promise I will always listen.
xoxo Mom

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good luck making your decision - I am confident you will make the right one. I waver back and forth between being completely indecisive and maybe rash decisions. Like it took me months to pick out paint colors and figure out where to hang pictures when I bought my condo. But I made the decision to purchase said condo in like 5 days. Hmmm... something isn't right there. Perhaps if you go into psych, I can be your first patient. ha!

Have a happy 4th! Can't wait to see what you create! I'm sure it will be delish!

Marlys said...

I love your blogs, Suzanne!