Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Trio of Discoveries

I have been glued to cnn the past few days as the water has been rising in Fargo. So far things are holding up. This link has some really amazing pictures. My family is in my prayers every day.


Holy Buckets!!! This find is for Dad.

You WILL be taking the family to this movie next fall. Yes, in the theater. I know, you have 6 months to prepare.

And finally, a parting thought.

This website: is so addicting. There are hundreds of posts a day. I love looking at images in the morning while I sip my coffee. I am obsessed with changing my desktop picture, and this site gives me a never-ending supply! Happy weekend.

A spring salad post should be coming soon. When I get my butt in gear...


Lisa D said...

That movie looks awesome!! You know, I can't remember the last time I went to the movies w/ my parents. I guess when you grow up you stop doing stuff like that. :(

Do you read the blog, "Orangette"? I'm almost done w/ her book. It's a memoir/cookbook. I think you & your mom might enjoy it. I'll have to bring it along next time we go out for dinner again - hopefully soon! :)

Hope your rotation is going well!

Lady Jane said...

Look forward to your spring Salad!!! BTW- beautiful pics of Mexico - so jealous!! BTW - first time here. Love all your pics:)

qwerkyqook said...

Hey Lisa. I do read orangette! She hasn't posted for a while though. I really do like her though, so I'll have to give that book a try. I'm on psych right now. It's pretty much awesome!!

Thanks Lady Jane. I miss mexico every day, especially with the snow in my future!! ahhh!!!!