Saturday, June 21, 2008

AHHHH! and Shrimp Cocktail

My cat George, who strives to reach new levels of derangement every day, decided to eat a page summarizing ALL the antibiotics last night. He's special. To me that page was pure gold, to him merely a midnight snack. Lets just say, we haven't done much snuggling today. I think I'll hard boil some eggs, and make chef salads. I also have this cocktail sauce, by gluten free girl, in the fridge so I may end up roasting some veggies and having shrimp cocktail. We'll see how the mood strikes me. 2 more days of study and I'm really starting to get nervous. I'm really trying to keep positive energy though. My feeble attempt today: Man I LOVE the smell of hot pine trees. On my runs (let's be real-lame walk/jogs), I've been blessed with lots of beautiful and delicious smelling flowering trees. There were some wild roses and irises last week that made me smile. But now, its on to the hot pine trees! Its a smell that lasts all summer and it is finely here.

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