Friday, June 20, 2008

Maki Sushi

I am studying for my boards. Right now my diet is unfortunately consisting of mainly, diet coke and a jumbo box of rainbow nerds. Nerds seemed like an appropriate snack, and are oh so tasty. Thank god my candy obsessions are all gluten free-bring on the sour patch kids! But anyways, I haven't made anything lately, with the exception of Karina's jalepeno lime hummus. I used tahini instead of PB, because I'm rationing my dwindling tub till my test day, when peanut butter on waffles will be essential to my success. I've been gobbling the hummus on sliced veggies like a ravenous bear. Its really very tasty, and I must say, I've loved every single recipe I've ever tried of hers.

For my first post I think I'll put up some pictures from my first attempt at sushi. After going gluten free I was so relieved to think-at least i can still eat sushi! But each time I've gone to a sushi happy hour, all i can order is edemame and sashimi. While I LOVE sashimi, my loans don't, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I used 2 cups of sushi rice, which fit the 10 or so nori wrappers I had in the packet. I simply made it in my rice cooker, and chopped up veggies while it did its magic. Then I added some seasoned vinegar till it tasted zesty enough for me, chilled the rice, and wrapped away. I added cucumber, avocado, shrimp, crab, wasabi, carrots and red onion, in all sorts of different combos. 20 min of rolling later, I had enough sushi to feed an army. It was a very fun project, and I think its even suitable for company!

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bandb said...

Congratulations on a great start to the blog world. I look forward to learning from your journey into gluten free recipes.