Thursday, June 26, 2008

Caramel Corn

George loves me again. He hated boards studying, he lashed out in unspeakable ways... now we have watched three movies together, and things seem to be going smoothly:) I rented Stardust, Paris, je t'aime and the Bucket List. My favorite was definitely Stardust. Jessica had told me to watch it a while ago, and she was so right. I was so worth $1, gotta love redbox!

While watching the movie I popped up some kettle corn. Which was delicious through the first movie, but by the second (Ahhh vacation) I decided it SO needed to be sweeter. So here follows my impromptu caramel corn.

I have no idea how you're actually supposed to do this, but it was ridiculously easy and worked. You should probably add some corn syrup, and thickener. Maybe I'll add cream of tarter next time. I'll research it later, I'm busy now, with the relaxing...

Pop kettle corn
Eat some
Decide, yes you
definitely need more sugar
Wander into kitchen

In a saucepan I mixed:
a big scoop of brown sugar (i used dark, but I think cane sugar would be fab)
A splash of vanilla
soy milk
About a table spoon of earth balance margarine spread
Bubble, stir like a madwoman, and when it starts to thicken pour over your kettle corn leftovers

MMMMM, continue on with your second movie:)


BandB said...

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BandB said...

Sounds tasty! Let's get out our calendars and set up a camping trip!!!