Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fermenation in the am.

Good thing i'm not on an MAOI. Fermentation is my friend. Here's how I've been gearing up to attack the inpt psych ward with ton's of tyramine!

Kale chips-lazy woman version. Hand shred kale and saute with some fake oil spray till crispy. Or until you're done with your makeup. These recipe instructions could never be published, sigh. Then fry an egg, plate and top with sauerkraut. Why yes. Sauerkraut is a totally appropriate breakfast food. Good at any time of the day. yummmm.

Running Song. BTW. ran outside yesterday, and about to go in 5 min. GLORIOUS. Complete with hugs from the neighbor kids :)


Marlys said...

Love your breakfast! You are a true German at heart - sauerkraut for breakfast! Mmmm! I do have to try that! And enjoy spring - FINALLY!!!!

Abby said...

Yum! You cook such interesting and amazing food, Suzanne. I need to try this.

It never dawned on me that sauerkraut is totally appropriate for breakfast. I mean, people eat sausage for breakfast! So why not!

I would not do well on a tyramine-free diet either...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Mmm, i haven't tried kale chips, but I think I would like them!

I have pickles w/ my breakfast, so I totally get the sauerkraut thing. :)

B and B said...

I think I'd like to try this, even if looking at the picture makes my stomach rumble :)

You are a creative cook!