Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This was my week... Seriously... You should watch this video and read House of God. Then you can understand! But alas, I am done. finito. I'm going to do 10 on Tuesday, go to the gym, and pack for California...Napa Valley here I come. Wine tasting, and maybe a little wine sipping :)

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is there a band/artist that you HATE?
I guess, Nickleback? I used to hate Jerry Jeff Walker, now I could probably be persuaded to rock out to some Navajo Rug.

2. What do you do when you get a gift that you do not like? How do you react?I say thank you, then try to give it to someone else

3. How is your work office/cubicle decorated?
I do not have a workspace per say. I rotate offices every 4 weeks. I usually have scattered notes, pt info and pop. I also keep a bag of target shoes under my desk so that I can wear my boots to work. I look pretty sweet.

4. Do you use all of your vacation every year?
I have never had vacation time before. I have 15 days this year. I WILL use all of them. I will also try to finagle extra days by incorporating weekends. I might also need to get appendicitis in about a month and get some sick leave? Just kidding, I love my job...

5. Did you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
I have two. They are fake. They are also about 1 foot tall. Living large.

6. If you could have anything for dinner tonight, what would it be?
Sushi and olives and Parmesan cheese.

7. Do you bite your fingernails?
Nope. I bite hangnails sometimes. Then I remember I work in a hospital and it's totally nasty to put anything in my mouth. Gross. Moving on.

8. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?
Zero. Thanks for not asking about diet coke.

9. Do you have a nervous tick?
Not that I'm aware of. When I'm tired my R eyelid twitches though.

10. How often do you vacuum?1-2 times a week. George keeps me honest.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hooray for being done with internal medicine! Yippee!!! Have a blast in Napa Valley. I have never been. I hope you'll post photos!

Abby said...

Congrats onb being DONE with Internal Medicine! I bet that is the biggest relief ever! Enjoy Napa Valley! It will be gorgeous!!

Marlys said...

Enjoy your well deserved break in Napa Valley! I've heard awesome things about that area! It will be good to "breathe" after finishing internal medicine!