Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Inca Trail

And it began. 4 days of hiking to reach Machu Piccu via the Inca trail. Day 1.

 The top of dead woman's pass, day 2

The woman, see her?

The top of the second mountain, day 2

The first ruins, late afternoon day 2

Still had to hike all the way over there for camp!

The view from my tent, morning of day 3

The ruins, end of day 3

The almost there.

Finally, 7:30 am day 4


Hasta Luego


Marlys said...

What a beautiful climb! The ruins are something to behold! One wonders how they did that? I'm sure you will never forget this trip and I'm sure you were exhausted by the time you got to the top! Whew!

B and B said...

How did they do that? Wish we could know.

Abby said...

Too beautiful and breathtaking for words!

I wish we knew how that all go there.....

I heard from Lisa that the hike was very very intense!! Way to go for getting to the top - You are awesome! :) What an experience of a lifetime!

I hope I can someday do it!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This trek is definitely on my bucket list. What a sight to be seen. Looks like an intense hike, though!