Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After sleeping overnight in the Lima Airport and a 5 am flight into Cusco, everyone should hold a baby lamb! Welcome to Cusco!

Que bonita. At 11,200 ft you can really feel the alt alt altitude. Every hotel offers coca tea to help with the adjustment. Coca tea is delicious. Chewing coca leaf...mmm...not so much.

Plaza de Armas. Cusco is derived from the Quechua word Qusqu. Quechua is a completly phonetic language, and Qusqu sounds like two rocks slowly rubbed against each other.

 Half Incan, half spanish. This city is amazing. It was also chilly. Note my baby alpaca get up!

I ate one million times better in Peru. Quinoa tabouli..YES PLEASE!

Palta rellena-stuffed avacado. Here continues my love affair with mayonesa!

There was also a little sampling of the local fare-Cuy!

Which turns into this. Not GF. I had to live vicariously through this one, as can you...

A little protein before hitting the inca trail!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - that quinoa tabouli looks divine. I haven't make quinoa in months (aside from quinoa pasta which is def my fave GF pasta!).

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I really, really want to try to get down to Peru and do the MP trek... someday...

Abby said...

Gorgeous!! And very interesting eats! That quinoa does look yummy! I like how the mountain says "El Peru". It looks so amazing there!

Marlys said...

Great recap! Sounds like you saw so much and ate wonderful food! Now it's back to reality! Hope your next few years are everything you hoped for! Once again - Congratulations, Dr. Suzanne!

mary beth said...

They don't try to disguise what that last dish is, do they???Wow!