Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mexico 2009

Wow. Vacation is pure bliss. Especially when it's literally in paradise.

We snorkeled

beach bummed




It was wonderful, 5 days in Cozumel and then 7 in Playa del Carmen.

and now the food....

Tons of tropical fruits and chips and guacamole. We ventured into town in both destinations to purchase items from the grocery store. Both hotels had kitchens...

Playa del Carmen

and dorm sized fridges, so we were set.

My stash and Jon's :)

Including poolside homemade guac to go!

We went out to formal restaurants very seldom, but we had the best Ceviche in the world one night. We couldn't even control ourselves long enough to take a picture, here's a shot with a huge dent in it! Oh well, when in Mexico...

The best part, courtesy of a near pathological obsession on Jon's part, was Tacos al pastor. You can purchase these little babies at taquerias after about 7 pm. They are shaved off a giant roasting piece of meat, served with pineapple slices and assorted salsas. Holy moly! Heaven.

This was probably our favorite taqueria, although we frequented many. See the hunk of meat in the back. mmmm, Suzanne, do not drool on your computer!

We also visited really amazing marketplaces in the inner city portion of the town.

If you venture away from the beach, you get to see some really neat restaurants and shops that are used by the residents of the town. Including this stand (taqueria Molina) that some of Jon's extended family owns. NO one can ever eat too many tacos! Really a great place for a gluten free girl to travel. I printed allergy cards, and with the help of Jon we asked about wheat and beer used in marinades. I only encountered one taco filling I couldn't eat. Most foods are made with whole ingredients and almost exclusively 100% corn tortillas and chips. And good lord, its delicious.

Oh I can't wait to go back.!!!!!


Meema said...

Amazing pictures, Suzanne! Great to hear you could eat locally with relative abandon.

p.s. You have your finger on the pulse of the 4-year-old scene - Kidlet loved everything in her Valentine's Day bag!

BandB said...

You two are very photogenic. One will notice there are no bathing suit shots of your parents on their blog!!!!!! Aren't you glad you went on this adventure? Thanks for sharing. The food looked incredible. I am hungry!!!!

Lisa D said...

wow Suzanne - awesome post. I'm glad that you were able to find plenty to eat down there that was gluten-free! Looks like you definitely at well!!

You two are so photogenic. I love that yellow shirt you wore in one of your pictures. Looks like you got very tan down there!!

Well, if you guys get tired of the whole med school thing, I'm sure Jcrew could use you as models! ;)

Marlys said...

I've never been to Mexico but hear it's beautiful! Your pictures reveal that it is! If we don't get stormed in, Paul & I are leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday morning for a 5 day trip! I will take pictures and hope it's as beautiful as your vacation!