Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Cocktail recipe!

My very first ever cocktail creation. I know. I'm seriously a big deal. I have been buying mango juice quite often lately, as it's so cheap in the ethnic food aisle of cub. Man, I really have to compliment Midway cub for their variety vs almost any supermarket I have tried. This GF girly is in luck! So, anyway, funky juices are usually about 85 cents. I have tamarind juice in the fridge right now, chilling up for breakfast! I had been buying mango juice on a fairly regular basis, and decided to try making a fruity cocktail. I must say, I did well! You will be able to tell by my recipe however, I have no future in bar tending.

The Mangoliscious
Lots of ice
Some clear rum, not too much
A big pour of mango juice (store the rest in a recycled PB jar for tomorrow!)
Fill the glass to the top with Ginger ale.
Stir, and sip the sweetness!

Even George was curious. But you know what they say... He's only 2, not even close to legal!

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