Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Arracheras y Indiana Jones

Tonight was perfect summer night. It was warm with a slight breeze, a perfect night for grilling out with the new charcoal grill. I've been trying to research how to make Arracheras for a while, after Jon mentioned how great they were and how much he missed them. Whenever I try to look recipes up, I end up getting frustrated because everyone and their dog has a completely different idea of "the ONLY way to properly make blah blah blah".

I decided to use suggestions from Jon's cousin on the marinade and just go with what I had, and what I felt at the moment. Sometimes my cooking can be a bit spastic...hmm a little more of this, oooo of course a splash of that. Oh well, not the easiest for me to replicate, but this is a work in progress anyways. I'll include my recipe for the rice and marinade. The other items were easy-peasy, grilled onion with olive oil salt and pepper, refried beans, and purchased salsa verde on top of a grilled corn tortilla. Don't forget to garnish with a lime slice, and if you aren't ridiculously lazy like myself, you'd have fresh chopped cilantro right? Next time...

In your beloved food processor puree:
2 tomatoes
1 sweet onion
2 finely chopped garlic cloves
A smallish spoonful of tomato paste ( I used a big ol spoonful, too much! Restraint!)

Add the puree to a measuring cup and add gluten free chicken broth to come to four cups liquid

Lightly toast 2 cups of Jasmine rice in a skillet with Canola oil-not too long, till just toasty

Add everything to the magical rice maker and stir once during the cooking process to reincorporate the tomato-ey goodness.

Arrachera Marinade

A bunch of limes, maybe a half cup
Two finely chopped garlic cloves
At least a Tablespoon of gluten free Worcestershire sauce
Whisk and stream in olive oil
See I have no clue what I did

I poked the flank steak with a fork, thinking it would help the marinade permeate. I have no idea if this works:) By the way, flank steak is the diaphragm of the cow... I know...wow. Had to share, but I think I can breathe better already.

Season steak with salt and pepper and marinade for about 2 hrs, then grill outside and enjoy summer!

We found a um "beautiful" scratched red fiberglass table that had been sitting underneath a window in the back yard for years, but it cleaned up just fine. There were also, as luck would have it, some ripe raspberries by my fence, making a perfect appetizer for this summer meal.

Finish off the night by renting a silly old movie. We chose Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark. George hated it, he bit me every time he saw a snake, he and Indy must be kindred souls.

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Lainie said...

Your arracherra marinade sounds delish!