Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm not doing so well with posting. Es tut mir leid. I did, however, find the connector thingy for my camera. So now I have no excuse. I made this salad over the weekend. Two thumbs up. I have another squash in the fridge, so I may just whip up another batch! If I do, i'll post a pic... Until then, check out this one.


Here's a song.

And the line up. Which of these dimes will I actually commit to and make in October? Bets anyone?

1) Butternut soup

2) Bars!

3) Soup before watching eat pray love?

4) With quinoa instead of orzo?

5) mmm Fall


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Mmm... Butternut soup.... That sounds divine!

I hope life isn't too insanely busy for you... I have been thinking about you. Hopefully I'll see you sometime this fall!

B and B said...

First, that salad is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I will be stealing that recipe. The song made me smile. I hope it had the same affect on you. I am voting for number 3 and I hope to be invited to taste it. I'll buy the tickets to the movie!

Miss you.